Friday, August 26, 2016

Grace's First Day of Kindergarten

My lack of posts lately makes me sad. I had good intentions all summer to post frequently, but instead we filled our time with zoo trips, pool time, and trips. I started many posts and didn't have time to finish them and before I knew it, the summer was over and Grace's first day of kindergarten, a day I had been dreading, arrived. Grace was beyond ready for this huge milestone, I on the other hand, was not. Kindergarten here is full day and I couldn't even imagine being away from her for that long every weekday! She also really wanted to ride the bus with her friends and I finally agreed after realizing how much time I would save not having to sit in the drop off/pick up line every day.

Like I said, this summer flew by. We got her school supplies and school clothes, got her haircut, and purchased a brand new Elsa lunchbox for the occasion. She happily posed for photos on the first day.

I saw this idea on Pinterest and just had to do it. So I hit up my local custom T-shirt shop to get a shirt made just for her. I can't believe she'll be in the class of 2029! I'm going to make her take this same photo every year until she is a senior, I know she'll be annoyed the last few years of it, but too bad! It'll be amazing to see how much she changes.

While Grace was thrilled about heading off to school, Connor wasn't so sure about the idea. He is starting preschool this year but has a few more weeks until it starts and it's only a couple days a week for 4 hours. He's still not used to his constant playmate being gone and he's had a rough time with it. I'm not getting nearly as much done because all day long I hear "Mommy, play with me!" It doesn't matter how long we've played, he doesn't know how to play by himself! So he's definitely missing her a lot.

Despite my hesitations about her riding the bus, she and Mike convinced me that she would love it and of course, she's had no problems at all. We wanted her to start riding from the first morning so that she could get used to the routine. After putting her on the bus with some tears (from me, not her!) we drove up to meet her and make sure she got to her classroom.

I took these next two photos at Meet the Teacher night because she wasn't really too interested in taking photos the first morning of school. She was way more interested in drawing and meeting her new friends! She was so ready and didn't seem to care when we left.

Her school district recently started giving every child in the district their own Chromebook starting in Kindergarten. She had been waiting for this moment since I mentioned to her several months ago. She ran straight to that Chromebook and didn't let it out of her grasp for quite a while. She is so proud to have her own laptop and wants to use it constantly. We've had to set some pretty strict rules about it, that will probably be another post here soon because I am still not convinced that my 5 year old needs their own computer that they have to bring home every night! But obviously she loves it.

She loves her teacher and the "my teacher does it this way" comments have already started at home. I'm so glad she has such a wonderful teacher for her first year of real school!

She started preschool two years ago and now she's officially a kindergartner. I can't believe how much she's grown!  Making this comparison shot led to lots of tears from me but I'm finally starting to get used to her being gone during the day.

She came home the first day exhausted but excited for the next day. She actually complained the first weekend that she wanted to go to school instead of staying home. I hope she loves school this much for the next 13 years!! 


  1. My son attends this preschool, it is slightly higher in price but the difference in his excitement towards learning has changed tremendously in a positive manner. The teachers at Phoenix preschool are so warm and welcoming.

  2. This is a very exiting period when your children do things first time in their life. I think this is a sense of our life to teach them something and then watch how they will apply this in life. You can look through my blog and read about such moments of my life. I have 2 children and my life is full of funny things.



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