Monday, May 9, 2016

Outdoor Summer Fun: Messy Play Date Activities

Last summer, one of my friends invited us to her house for a messy play date. What kid doesn't like getting messy? Plus she was offering to deal with the mess at her house so we were in! I dressed the kids in their swimsuits and took plenty of towels and we headed off for an adventure.

We arrived to find many different activity stations in her backyard and the kids ran around making messes to their heart's content. I asked my friend if I could blog about all of the activities because she did an amazing job and the kids had such a great time!
The most popular activity with all of the kids was messy painting. She purchased a cheap flat white sheet, condiment dispensers, and washable paint from Walmart. She filled the condiment dispensers with a mix of paint and water and then let the kids spray the sheet. The only issue with this activity was that the kids loved it so much she had to refill the containers with paint frequently.

My kids both loved the bubble blowing station. We do this activity at home a lot inside so getting to make huge piles of bubbles outside without worrying about the mess was a huge hit. For instructions on this one, check out my Indoor Bubbles post.

A water table filled with DIY slime made for hours of fun. You can find lots of slime recipes on Pinterest and I think it would be fun to use slime with plastic dinosaurs or other animals.

Rainbow spaghetti was a perfect sensory activity for all of the kids. The babies loved feeling and squishing the noodles while the older kids loved throwing and squishing it. Simply add a little cooking oil and food coloring to cooked spaghetti for messy fun!

The kids happily ran around and got messy for several hours while the moms enjoyed chatting. It was a perfect idea for a play date and I'm hoping to have one this summer with some new messy ideas. Would your kids love a messy play date? 

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