Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Free Kansas City Activities for Kids: Feeding Elk and Bison in Lee's Summit

We are officially sick of cold weather in our house and the kids are chomping at the bit to get outside. With a limited activity budget, I often struggle with ways to keep them entertained and honestly, some days we NEED to get out of the house before we all go crazy! While Kansas City offers plenty of fun kids activities, many are fairly pricey so I'm always on the lookout for cheap or even better, free kids activities in KC that my kids will enjoy. I've made some discoveries in the past few years that I can't wait to share and so for the next several days I'm going to feature some of our favorite free kids activities in KC. Some are hidden gems, others you might have heard of it, but they are all so much fun for kids.

The first one is a hidden gem that can be enjoyed year round. We bundled up on a cool day in January and headed to Fleming Park in Lees Summit. The Native Hoofed Animal Enclosure is a must visit for animal lovers!

Free Activities for Kids in Lees Summit

A friend invited us to go feed the elk and bison and advised to bring lots of full sized carrots. We stopped at the store and grabbed 4 large bags of carrots and headed out. The moment we stepped out of the van, the elk quickly came to the fence. They were ready to eat!

The kids loved feeding all of the elk. The full sized carrots were a must to avoid any bites.

It didn't take long for the carrots to all disappear! The kids were disappointed when we ran out and so were the elk. This big guy was a bit aggressive the day we were there and was hitting the fence repeatedly after we ran out. We got a little freaked out because one of the girls was standing fairly close to the fence the first time he did it and those antlers are no joke! So just be aware of the surroundings when you go, these are still wild animals.

After feeding the elk, we went to visit the bison but they weren't visible that day so we will visit again soon to see them.

This is a quick activity that is sure to be a hit for all ages! Stop by Costco or Aldis for cheap carrots or simply visit the park to look at the animals. We will definitely be making this a regular stop this spring and summer.

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