Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Grace: 5 Years Old

Dear Grace,

As you keep reminding me, you are officially five. This was your first birthday that you were extremely excited about and when you woke up in the morning you said if we wanted to talk to you we needed to call you "birthday girl Grace." After spending several years trying to catch up on your verbal skills, you are totally understandable now and aren't afraid to let people know what you are thinking. You like to say that you're shy but on your birthday every person you encountered heard that it was your special day and what we were planning on doing to celebrate this special occasion.

  • You are sweet and kind but you have a spirited stubborn side as well. You made it clear when you were born that you wanted things done your way and that hasn't changed a bit. You're giving us a preview of your teenage years with an attitude we hadn't seen before that includes rolling your eyes and crossing your arms when you don't agree with us. We have many discussions about who is actually the boss. 
  • You graduated from speech group at the end of last school year with flying colors. You actually talked the speech pathologist's ear off during your evaluation and she happily said you didn't need her anymore! You are making up for years of not being able to speak your mind and you love telling us stories. You are extremely creative and it's amazing to hear your imagination at work. You make your babies tell stories and act them out which is adorable. 

  • You have learned a ton during Pre-K and are always begging to go. Despite how much you love your current school, you have decided it's time for Kindergarten and you ask frequently if you can go now. It took us a while to figure out why but finally you announced that you want to go because you will get your own computer to bring home (true) and you want it now. I'm not as excited about you getting your own computer as you are!
  • I have no doubt that you ready for Kindergarten. You have learned most all of your letters and sounds and are now starting to put them together to learn to read. You have started learning some sight words and can spell and read mom, dad, Grace, zoo, and see. There are several more that we're working on but you have those totally down. You are super excited to learn to read so you can write down your stories and spend a lot of time sitting at the table with a pencil asking us how to spell words. 
  • Despite your previously mentioned assertion that you are shy, you have a ton of friends and beg to play with them frequently. Molly, Evelyn, and Lincoln are your best friends and you have two girls at preschool you talk about nonstop as well. 
  • Your brother is still one of your favorite people. I like to say that 98% time you two are best friends. The other 2%, well....let's just say those times are not so fun. You two frequently disappear into your rooms for long periods of time playing. You read books together, pretend to take naps together, and play games.
  • You are extremely active. You like to play rough with daddy and Connor and enjoy running around and around the house. You went from using your float in the pool to swimming and diving independently this summer. We are pretty sure if we gave you a snorkel that we wouldn't see you all summer because you love being underwater so much. We are planning on starting you in horseback riding lessons this spring after your insistence that you REALLY need a horse and you are still loving your ballet class! You have now decided that you want to be a ballet teacher when you grow up.
  • You still refuse to wear pants most days. If it isn't a dress or a tutu it obviously isn't worth wearing. Everyday you want your hair like a princess and the sparkier the outfit is the better. 
  • Your favorite things are your babies (American Girl dolls), any and all crafts, and stuffed animals. Every night it's a huge decision about what you are sleeping with.
Tomorrow I'll post your answers to some birthday questions. You are getting so big and I can't wait to see what the next year brings. We love you!

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