Thursday, January 7, 2016

American Girl childhood dreams

I'm living my childhood dreams friends. Seriously. My daughter is now old enough to enjoy the wonderfulness that is American Girl. 3 years ago I wrote a post about The American Girl Doll I Never Had (Samantha if you must know and don't want to read the original post) and it is a consistently popular post here on my blog. I mentioned at the end that I, on a whim, bought the Marie-Grace doll during one of their rare sales. I knew when I bought it that she would be put in a closet for a while until Grace was ready but I just couldn't resist getting one of the dolls for nearly half price. So my prize arrived and I fawned over her and Mike was confused. Boys just don't get the draw I guess. Then I put her back in the box awaiting the day when I could trust that Grace wouldn't eat her or pull her beautiful hair out. The day finally arrived this past Christmas! Not only was I able to give her Marie-Grace, I also won MaryEllen a few months ago in another blogger's giveaway and oh my word she is amazing. So yeah, childhood fantasies fulfilled:

I loved watching her play with them on Christmas morning and despite my general lack of an imagination, I happily played with her. She got some accessories and outfits from family for Christmas and we have had fun dressing the dolls up and doing their hair. It's fun when your kids finally get to the age to play with fun toys!

A friend recently invited Grace and I to attend the Doll of the Year release party at our local American Girl store and having never been to an AG store before, I didn't hesitate. I think we were all in heaven shopping and Grace now has a long shopping list of things she wants. It's been an opportunity for us to talk about saving her money and she has been doing chores around the house to start earning towards getting her next doll. She can't wait to go back to the store and neither can I! 

AG is being super smart about re releasing some of the original historical dolls because those of us who grew up loving the dolls now have daughters that we are introducing to the brand. Grace is wavering between buying Kit or Samantha next time, I'm of course rooting for Samantha but I'm letting it be her choice. I'll just enjoy watching her play and I can't wait to take her to one of the big American Girl stores in Chicago or Washington DC someday! 
Oh and this post wasn't sponsored or anything, I'm just truly that much of an AG fan. 

Are there any toys from your childhood that you are hoping your child loves too?

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