Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Christmas Teacher and Class Gifts for Preschool

Christmas is sneaking up on me and I realized the other day that I need to get on the ball with gifts for Grace's teachers and classmates. I had so much fun making things for them last year so I thought I'd share if anyone else is desperately searching Pinterest (like I am now!) for inspiration. I decided on a reindeer theme last year and I started with gifts for each of her classmates.
Preschool Christmas Class Gifts

These Reindeer Chocolate Bars are simple and ADORABLE! Grace got so many compliments on them. 

Full size Hershey bars
Brown wrapping paper (I found mine at Hobby Lobby)
Brown pipe cleaners- one per reindeer
Googly eyes
Red glitter paper (found at Hobby Lobby)
Black marker
Red ribbon- optional
Silver bells- optional 

1. Wrap each Hersey bar with brown wrapping paper, leaving the ends open
2. Cut circles from red sparkle paper to create nose. Glue on googly eyes and nose. Draw mouth on using a marker.
3. Cut brown pipe cleaner into 6 pieces. Attach 2 to the top of the reindeer's head as antlers with tape and wrap the other 4 pieces tightly around the antlers to complete the look. 
4. Put bell onto ribbon and attach ribbon around using tape.

I taped a gift tag on the back to cover the ribbon seam saying Merry Christmas from Grace. 

I had several smaller gifts for her teacher that I wanted a gift bag for and decided to stick with the reindeer theme. This bag was inspired by a tutorial on Fiskars and I was so pleased with how it turned out. A simple paper bag is easily created into a reindeer with some paper shapes, a red sparkly nose, and a pipe cleaner rolled into the top of the bag. I filled it with a chocolate bar reindeer, a Barnes & Noble gift card, a homemade cinnamon ornament featured below, a picture that Grace colored, and a handwritten thank you note. 

Preschool Teacher Christmas Gift

I wanted to create something for the administration staff at her preschool so I gave them each some candy as well as a homemade cinnamon ornament. We used this recipe from McCormick and I have to say that my house smelled delicious for days after!
Easy Christmas Crafts Toddlers

I used silver elastic cord instead of ribbon for hangers and let the kids decorate the majority of the ornaments with metallic markers. They had a great time coloring away and it added a personal touch for her teachers. I wish I had made more for our tree because I love them!
Easy Toddler Christmas Crafts

Now back to the drawing board (ie Pinterest) to search for ideas for this year. I'm running out of time! What is your favorite gift to give teachers for the holidays? 

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