Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Halloween Adventures 2015

I realized yesterday that I am dreadfully behind in posting here. We've had so much excitement lately that I haven't had a chance to even open my laptop! So hopefully I'll have some time to update over the next couple of days.

First things first, I'm excited to share our Halloween adventures. This was the first year that I felt like both kids were aware of what was going on and they were super into it. Grace started talking about her costume months before the big day and after much deliberation, she decided on a ballerina. I figured that would be an easy costume since she goes to ballet every week but of course she threw a wrench in my plans several weeks before by announcing that she wanted a big tutu like the girls in Nutcracker. So off to Joanns I went for 3 yards of mesh tulle to create a massive tutu for her. She loved it and wanted to wear it every single day in October. We added a long sleeved leotard, ballet slippers from a consignment sale and a tiara that Grandma brought her from Disneyland.

Connor is in a huge super hero phase right now and had a difficult time choosing between all of his favorites. Thankfully a friend picked up this Captain America costume for me from Costco and it was perfect for him. I gave him the shield as a birthday present right before our first event and he wouldn't let go of it. Much to my surprise, he even wore the mask most of the time.

Our local grocery store had a party for the kids the weekend before Halloween and we figured it would be a great way to get more use out of the costumes! The kids got to decorate cookies, make caramel apples, and color pumpkins, it was so much fun.

After getting them good and sugared up, we headed to one of our favorite spots, the Kansas City Zoo, for Boo at the Zoo. There were trick and treating spots throughout the zoo and fun activities to keep them busy. The animals were being super active and the weather was gorgeous, it made for a great afternoon activity. And oh my word, so much candy.....

I had to share this photo because I was so excited to get it but immediately regretted it when we heard Grace saw "ow, mommy!" After a minute of trying to figure out what happened, we realized she got her very first bee sting on her arm. It swelled up for a few minutes but luckily a train ride made for the perfect distraction and by the time we got off the train the swelling and pain were gone. She tells people all about it now and says she was "super brave!"

Of course no Halloween celebration would be complete without pumpkin decorating. I have to confess we didn't celebrate Halloween growing up so I've never actually carved pumpkins before. I didn't have much desire to start this year with two little ones so we decided to paint our pumpkins instead.

Grace got to work painting beautiful shapes on her pumpkin. Mike painted a horse, she painted our whole family. Her pumpkin is a work of art.

Connor's method of painting involved mixing the colors and slopping them on to create an almost entirely black pumpkin. He would yell at me the moment I would try to paint anything on it. He was happy with the results so I can't complain!

Halloween week tends to be crazy for us as Connor and I both have birthdays that week. This year his birthday happened to fall on the same days as Grace's Halloween parade and party at preschool so he wanted to dress up for the occasion. How could we tell this sweet birthday boy no? He and Mike had fun hanging out while we were waiting for Grace's class to parade around the gym.

Our beautiful ballerina happily paraded around the gym and went on to trick or treat around her school. Her only complaint was that her job for the day was to be the caboose, she didn't want to be last in line on parade day.

On Halloween we braved the cold to participate in our local Halloween parade event downtown but I didn't get any great pictures. The kids got the chance to go around to the local businesses and trick or treat.

In the evening, we went to St Mary's Manor in Blue Springs where they have a great Halloween event for the residents and kids. We didn't realize it was such a huge event and ended up waiting over 20 minutes in the freezing cold to get in but we were so glad we went. There were costumed characters everywhere and the residents obviously loved giving out candy to the kids. After a 20 minute trek through the building, our kids plastic pumpkins were 3/4 of the way full! Grace loved every single character and Connor was brave if Grace went with him.

We stopped by our church for Trunk or Treat and by the end of that the kids pumpkins were totally full. We emptied their pumpkins into a giant bag at home with plans to trick or treat around the neighborhood but by that time we were all pretty tired. We ended up trick or treating at a total of 2 houses before playing at a neighbors house for the rest of the night. The kids had an amazing day and went to bed with no complaints. Much to their surprise, some of their candy miraculously disappeared overnight. Didn't take them long to figure out that mommy and daddy might have had something to do with it....

How was your Halloween this year? 

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