Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Connor: 3 Years Old

Dear Connor,

There seems to be a trend of me doing your yearly posts super late. I promise it's not intentional. First of all, I really don't want to admit that you're 3. When people ask me how old you are, I still automatically say 2 and I probably will for a while. Secondly, you keep me busy mister. You tend to go non stop all the time so I don't have much time to sit at my laptop. The moment I sit down I hear "mama, play!!"

You have developed such a personality this past year. You are our goofy, fun loving guy. You love to be a tough guy but you have a sweet sensitive side as well. You are a little bit more compliant when taking pictures this year, but it was still a challenge to get you to smile. You look so big!!

Despite my efforts to keep you a baby as long as possible, you have undergone a major transformation this year from a toddler to a preschooler and you are on a mission to be a big boy as quickly as possible. You want to do everything Grace does, including going to preschool. About 2 months ago, I told you that if you wanted to go to preschool you had to be potty trained. Up until then I hadn't really pushed using the potty much although you did it occasionally. From that day forward you potty trained yourself with only a few accidents since. Like I said, you are bound and determined to do everything she does. You two are still peas in a pod and most days I find you happily playing together.
Now that you're older, you are starting to push back when she bosses you around and that leads to many fights I have to break up but overall you guys have a great time together.

Here are some things we don't want to forget about you at 3 years old:

  • You are generally all rough and tough boy but recently some of your sensitive side has been peeking out. You adore babies and often play with Grace's baby dolls. You much prefer to be in the nursery at church helping take care of the little ones than playing in the toddler room. 
  • You don't stop much but you still love mommy cuddles. You will guide me to the couch, wrap your arms around me and snuggle for a while before running off to your next adventure. 
  • Despite having never seen superhero shows before this year, you are suddenly obsessed with all superheroes. It started with a love of the Avengers and you have now expanded your love to Superman and Batman. You refuse to wear any other PJs except your Superman and Batman ones and you run around the house yelling "SUPERMAN!" all evening long. You love dressing up in various costumes and many times wear components from different heroes. My favorite combination so far has been Mr. Incredible Iron Man Captain America. You were obviously proud of it since you yelled "mama, cheese!" 
  • Your love of trains has not wavered, but you are obsessed with planes now and we spend lots of time looking for them when we are outside. You basically love any sort of vehicle and one of your favorite gifts this year was a road rug from Grandma that you have in your bedroom. I actually hear you right now zooming your trucks around on it instead of sleeping. 

  • I'm pretty sure your favorite person in the world is your cousin Kaden. You don't care that he's significantly older than you. You love the rest of us but oh my word you light up when you see him. You don't care what it is, if Kaden likes it, you like it. 
  • You love all animals but you have a special bond with our dog Doc. You love chasing him, playing with him, and petting him. I will find you sitting next to him throughout the day just cuddling with him. 
  • You basically have no fear. If you can climb it, you will. It's amazing to me that we haven't had more ER trips!
    This is what you did when I told you to smile. Goofball!
  • You love giving mommy cuddles and reading books with me, but you have a special bond with daddy. You guys love to wrestle and play rough. He bought you a foam sword at the Renaissance Festival and your new favorite game is to play swords or to put on your Iron Man or Hulk fists and "HULK SMASH!!!" each other. You play these games every single night and it's clearly your favorite part of the day. If you're not playing rough, you're asking him to throw you in the air and to mommy's horror he gets you pretty high.
  • You aren't much of a talker. You know lots of words. You can identify all of your colors, can count to 10, and can sing some of the ABCs. You are fully capable of putting a sentence together. You just don't often. Your sister tends to talk for you and we are really working hard to get you to use your words. 
  • You sleep very well at night. Generally you go down at around 8-8:30 and sleep until 7ish. You are just about sure that you don't need to nap anymore but your body betrays you and you normally fall asleep in the van or on the couch when I make you lay down for dreaded rest time. 
  • You love making people laugh. Your laugh is contagious! You are pretty easy going overall but you have your stubborn moments. You have gotten a lot easier in the past year now that you can understand what we want you to do and are pretty good about staying with us and not bolting away like last year, what a relief! 

  • Your favorite shows are Paw Patrol, Chuggington, and the Lego superhero shows. You still love Toy Story. 
  • Food is a difficult issue with you right now. You're taking pickiness to a new level and your diet consists of bacon (your very favorite food), peanut butter & jelly, chicken nuggets, french fries, yogurt, waffles, chips, pretzels, fruit & veggie muffins, and sweets. I'm not exaggerating when I saw you will eat NOTHING else. We are working on it and I sure hope that next year by this time I will be able to write that you're a great eater. But right now it's certainly a challenge! 
  • Despite your limited diet, you're growing great. You weigh 33.2 lbs (up 5 lbs, 1 oz from last year) and are 37 1/2 inches tall (up 3 1/4 inches from last year). You're still very broad shouldered and are comfortably in 3T although some 4T shirts fit perfectly. 

I am trying to cherish every second with you before you go to preschool next year but I know you are ready for the challenge! We love you so much Connor boo!

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