Thursday, October 29, 2015

Easy Halloween Glow Bracelet Classroom Favor Treats

So after returning from a nearly week long trip, I came home Wednesday to realize that Grace needed favors for her preschool Halloween party. I was so not prepared with anything and I turned to Pinterest praying that I could find an EASY idea! Of course I found the perfect thing and headed to Walmart with an idea in mind. Walmart was pretty picked over (that's what I get for waiting til 3 days before Halloween) but I modified the design a bit and ended up with the perfect preschool Halloween party favor. It's nothing fancy but for about 30 minutes of work, I'm pretty pleased with it.

I found glittery orange foam pumpkins at Walmart and cut two small slits in each to slip a glow bracelet in. If you try to do this, I highly advise buying extra glow bracelets just in case. I bought 3 packs of 5 thinking that would give me 3 extras and I cracked all 3 on accident. Luckily I completed the 12 I needed with no cracks. I found this cute tag at Ladybug's Teacher Files and they were the perfect compliment to the glow stick pumpkins. Grace's classmates loved them and I know I enjoy any favor that doesn't involve sugar! 

Easy Halloween Classroom Treats

Halloween is in 2 days, are you ready??

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