Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Swing Set!

I have been itching to write a real update for weeks now but life has been crazy around here. With Grace getting back to school and me getting into a major new workout plan (more about that next week hopefully) our time at home has been limited. I feel like the days between the start of school in September and the holidays flies by. I have been in a major cleaning phase trying to get the house ready for the holidays and the biggest part of that is dealing with the huge amount of toys everywhere.

When Grace was a baby, I loved getting her tons of new toys. I wanted her to have the newest and coolest stuff and we had so much. Until recently our living room was full of toys, we have a playroom downstairs full of toys plus each kid has toys in their room. Now that they are past the baby phase, I've been in a mood to get rid of toys. When I say get rid of, I mean I'm purging.  I'm sure you understand, really they only play with a few toys everyday. So Grace helped me go through and get rid of about half of their toys. It wasn't as traumatic for them as I thought they would be and I am loving how easy it is to clean everything up. They aren't missing any of it.

Of course the holidays are coming up and I won't get to enjoy the limited amount of toys for long. With their birthdays so close to Christmas, we get an onslaught of presents between October and January. I really don't want to add to the piles of toys we receive so Mike and I had been trying to come up with an alternative gift that the kids will both like and get to enjoy for years. We started to see swing sets going on clearance with the end of summer and we decided that a nice wooden one would be a great gift! They will still get a few small things to open on Christmas morning and on their birthdays, but it won't be nearly as much as they normally get.

We ordered a wooden swing set from and Mike and friends spent nearly 2 days during Labor Day weekend putting it together!

It started like this:

The kids were really trying hard to be patient while they watched it being put together, but it was hard to wait as Grace kept saying.

2 days later, the kids were ecstatic when it finally was done:

We love that this set not only has a slide, fort, and swings, it has a restaurant area, a chalk board, a telescope, and monkey bars. Next year we'll add sand under the fort area.

Every single day they beg to go play on the swing set. It is so much more convenient than having to drive to the park.

The restaurant area has been a surprise hit and we spend a lot of time playing there.

Connor especially loves taking orders and pretend making food.

Grace says almost every day "this is the best Christmas present ever!" It might not be a traditional gift but I don't think they'll miss anything on Christmas morning. It'll be something they can play with for years to come and share with friends! 

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