Monday, August 24, 2015

Dinotrux on Netflix: 5 Dinotrux Activities for Kids

Disclosure: As part of the Netflix Stream Team, I received a welcome gift and a free monthly subscription. However, all opinions are 100% honest and my own.

Dinotrux is a new original Netflix series from DreamWorks that combines two of my kids' ultimate favorite things, dinosaurs and construction equipment. I knew from the second I heard about it that Connor would love it but I've been surprised by how much Grace and I enjoy it. We have already watched the entire first season and can't wait for more!

The show focuses on Ty Rux, his little helper Revvit and their friends as they learn to work together and protect their home from evil D-Structs. It does feature some fighting, but the message of each episode is great and I love the focus on cooperation and friendship. My kids would watch it all day long if I let them so I decided to find some activities that would feature their new favorite characters. Here are our 5 favorite Dinotrux activities!

1. Trading Cards- Netflix has created character trading cards for kids to trade and play! Click on the picture or here to download a PDF of the trading card file.

2. Books- The Dinotrux show is inspired on a series of books by Chris Gall. We found several at our local library and these books are so much fun. For your kiddos that just went back to school, check out "Dinotrux Go to School"!

Connor loves the bright illustrations and the stories are the perfect length for short toddler attention span. He asks to read these books over and over again so I'm pretty sure we'll be adding several to our home library.

3. Dinotrux App- Available on Google Play or in the App Store, the Dinotrux app is Grace's new go to app. My only issue is that it takes forever to load but it is an easy to use interactive app that allows kids to control the trux and watch exerts of the show. Connor loves making Ty Rux roar over and over!

4. Coloring Pages- Dinotrux character coloring pages are available from DreamWorks and my kids love them!

5. Color App brings characters to life- The DreamWorks Color App is pretty awesome. I printed off several of the Dinotrux characters and Grace and I colored our favorites. Then I downloaded the app on our iPad and by simply holding the camera over the colored pictures, our characters came to life on the screen.

You can take selfies with your character:

or play with them:

You can build settings for them. Grace and I had fun with a bounce house making Revvit fly high in the air. The screenshots aren't the most amazing quality and the movement is fairly limited but the concept is amazing and kids love to see their creations come to life.

Check out Dinotrux today on Netflix and keep your little ones busy with all of these fun Dinotrux activities!

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