Monday, July 13, 2015

Brag Post: My 4 Year Old Can Swim!

I always think I'm going to have more time during the summer to write but instead I feel like I've barely sat down much less opened my laptop. It started with my trip to Horseshoe Canyon Ranch, then a trip to Branson with my entire family and finally the fun of 4th of July. Now I have some of my nieces and nephews staying with us for the next few weeks so hopefully they'll entertain the kids long enough for me to actually share some of our fun with you.

\I'm super excited about this post. As someone who learned to swim as an adult, I think it's super important for kids to learn at a young age. They don't have the fear that comes from years of avoiding the water and they pick it up so fast! Grace has been in swim lessons for several months now. We started in a local community center pool where she was one of twelve to fourteen 4 year olds. It was absolute chaos and she spent the majority of the classes sitting on the steps waiting her turn to do one lap down the pool. The teachers were good but there was only so much they could do with that many kids to teach. So after a month we decided to try a smaller pool where she is one of two to four kids in the class. The teachers have been amazing and she has gained so much confidence in such a short time.

The first few weeks she was hesitant to do much. She loves playing ring around the rosy and finding the rings at the bottom of the very shallow end but she didn't put much effort into the actual swimming.

Two weeks ago one of the other little girls started showing off how long she could her breath and it turned into a slight competition. Grace had never been interested in going under water until the other kids were doing it and suddenly she was all about it. She started dunking her head under the water and willingly went under when they were jumping from the side of the pool.

A few days later we were at grandma's pool when she found a mask she could use over her eyes and nose. She put it on and within minutes was swimming long distances with her life jacket on. Just to see what would happen we asked her to take her life jacket off. She can touch in the shallow end and within minutes she was swimming short distances by herself! She showed her teachers at her next swim lesson and they were amazed at how fast she picked it up. She didn't want to show off for me to get a video but I was able to get a short one.

It's amazing to watch her learn so quickly. She loves it and begs to go to the pool every day. Now that her teachers know she can do it they're really trying to get her to work on proper technique but I'm just thrilled that she's enjoying it so much. 

Now it's time to brag on your kids. What have they achieved lately? Brag away, I'd love to read it! 

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