Friday, April 24, 2015

Grace's Spring Preschool Program

Grace is about to finish her first year at preschool and I'm so amazed by how much she's learned and changed in the past 9 months. My shy girl who didn't have much interest in talking a year ago now talks our ears off and tells us all about her friends at school. It's been an amazing transformation and I am so proud of her.

When we went for her Christmas program this past winter I fully expected her to shut down and refuse to participate when she went on stage. At previous ballet watch weeks she would have a meltdown when in front of an audience so I was pleasantly surprised when she happily sang and danced along with her class. She was so proud of herself and couldn't wait to do it again. She got her chance again on Tuesday night at their spring program. The kids had full control over what they wanted to wear and of course if you give Grace an option, she will pick the fanciest dress in her closet. She was thrilled when she got to wear her Easter dress (the pinkest, frilliest, sparkliest dress she could find when Grandma offered to get her one). She stood by her best friend in her class and sang her little heart out. Her classes main song was called "I took a bath in a washing machine". It was so cute and the teachers even added bubbles to make it more fun.

My parents were able to come into town to watch and she was so excited to see everyone that came to see her perform. She is already asking when she gets to do it again and isn't happy when I tell her she'll have to wait until the fall. She keeps saying "two more weeks? Or three? Let's do it again!" With a January birthday she has one more year of preschool and I can't imagine how much more she's going to learn in that amount of time.

She only has a few more weeks of school and she's going to be upset when it's over. She loves her teacher so much and she thrives on the constant activity that preschool provides. With Connor, housework and all the other various things going on around here, it's hard to keep her from getting bored. For that, and many other reasons, I am NOT looking forward to summer. When the kids are together constantly they drive each other crazy. When they have just a few hours break from each other, it's like they're long lost friends and they play happily the rest of the day. They fought with each other the entire time during spring break so summer should be.....interesting. Any experienced moms have any great advice about keeping them from killing each other this summer? I plan to keep them as active as possible but I can tell already it's going to be a long few months! 

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