Thursday, February 26, 2015

Russell Madness & My Interview with David Milchard

If you have seen Convos With My 2 Year Old, you are already familiar with David Milchard. He is the star, producer, and director of Convos and is in a word, hilarious. If you haven't seen this fabulous web series, go watch it now. Seriously, stop reading this, go watch at LEAST one episode (if you can stop yourself at just one) and come back. They are so amazing and they pretty much tell the story of my life. Grace is the same age as Coco and I swear Matt and David are listening in to our lives because we have the same discussions in our house frequently. Last week I got an email asking if I'd like the chance to interview David about his new family movie, Russell Madness, and I was thrilled to get the chance!

Grace and I had the chance to watch Russell Madness before the interview and it is such a fun movie.
In this tail-wagging comedy-adventure from the Creators of "Air Bud" and "Air Buddies," a big-hearted terrier named Russell gets taken in by a family with a pro wrestling arena. That's when they discover their new pet has incredible wrestling skills. With help from a savvy and hilarious monkey, Russell rockets to the top of the sports world and discovers that the strongest tag team is family.

David plays Nate Ferraro the reluctant recipient of the failing family wrestling business who struggles to find time for his family while helping Russell make it to the top. Grace has always loved the Air Bud and Buddies movies so it was no surprise to me that when the credits started rolling she said "we need to watch it again now Mom!" I will not admit how many times we have watched it already....

Check out this clip from the movie featuring the amazing animals that Grace is now obsessed with.

David is as friendly and funny on the phone as he is on screen. I have to confess that I was nervous (I've never interviewed a celebrity before!) but he immediately put me at ease.

When I asked him about working with the animals, he assured me that it was tons of fun. He even got the chance to brag a little bit as Crystal the Monkey (you might know her from the Night at the Museum series) became quite fond of him and would often choose to sit with him even when the cameras weren't rolling. He obviously needs a monkey for a pet! He said the scenes in the wrestling ring were his favorite to shoot despite (SPOILER ALERT) the fact that he never actually gets to do any wrestling. He does get to wear a pretty amazing wrestling costume though so I had to ask him about his tendency to wear outrageous costumes. His Convos costumes have included pink PJs, hair bows, and all sorts of little girl finery. He said he will wear pretty much anything necessary for a character and doesn't really get fazed by clothes at all. In fact, he bought a woman's 3/4 length shirt on vacation and thought it looked great.

When I asked David what he would be doing if he weren't acting, he said he would want to be a Formula One race car driver. He would want to drive for 7-8 years and then retire and own a race team. I suggested that Air Bud Entertainment needs to do a Buddies Racing movie. So if there is one in the future, I take full credit for that idea! One of my final questions to David was this "If you could play any character for the rest of your life, what would it be?" After some thought, he finally decided that he would want to play a villain because "they to talk slower, so I think it would be an easier job."

Totally unfazed by my kids screaming in the background during our interview, David was super gracious. He reassured me by saying that he's used to kids being on set on both Russell Madness and Convos so not to worry about it at all. It was a pleasure talking to him and I am so excited to see him in some of his upcoming projects including Paranormal Solutions Inc., more Convos, and another family friendly movie that he teased he wasn't allowed to tell me anything else about.

The Russell Madness DVD/Blu-ray/Digital will be available from Fox Home Entertainment on March 10. Your kids will love it and I promise it will make you smile. It's a true feel good movie perfect for the entire family! Subscribe to the Air Bud Entertainment YouTube channel for fun content that your kids will enjoy and don't forget to subscribe to the Convos with My 2 Year Old YouTube channel!

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