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Grace's 4th Birthday Octonauts Party: Party Supplies from Oriental Trading

Disclosure: I received product samples from Oriental Trading in exchange for an honest review. This post may contain affiliate links.

Octonauts Party Ideas

Grace turned 4 a few weeks ago and she was so excited for her birthday party! When I asked her what kind of party she wanted, she insisted on an Octonauts party. We already have a ton of Octonauts toys and I thought an Under the Sea theme could be fun. So I created this invitation in Photoshop and spent way too long on Pinterest looking at amazing under the sea parties.
Octonauts Birthday Party

I used mainly ocean themed items to decorate with a few Octonauts touches thrown in. Oriental Trading, my favorite party supply company, generously offered to send me some of their under the sea themed products and they helped set the perfect stage for the party!

Octonauts Birthday Party

Guest were greeted with this sign that I created in Photoshop:
Octonauts Birthday Party

I ruffled streamers with my sewing machine for the entrance door to welcome guests under the sea. I had intentions of making a ton more but time got the better of me.
Octonauts Birthday Party

I created the Octonauts banner with my Cricut and Octonauts characters I found on Google.
Octonauts Birthday Party

The Jumbo Sea Life Cutouts on the party room wall were so realistic. The kids loved identifying all of the sea creatures and I have to admit that they are still up on the wall because I love them so much.
Under the Sea Party Decorations

I added some green streamers along the floor to create a seawood look.
Under the Sea Party Decorations

The food table and favor area were accented with Oriental Trading's Inflatable Under the Sea Giant Animals. These were by far the kids' favorite decorations. I had a little bit of trouble hanging them due to our popcorn ceiling (uggggg) but I was so thrilled with the whimsical touch they added to the party. They are incredibly sturdy, my kids have been playing with them for several weeks now!

The Dolphin Tablecloth was a bright and beautiful setting for the table.
Octonauts Food Table

I created DIY Jellyfish using plastic bowls, a plastic tablecloth, and ribbon. I'll be posting a tutorial next week.
Under the Sea Party Decorations

Finally, I added an Under the Sea Glitter Centerpiece to brighten up the play area. The colors on it are so pretty and Grace adored the "glitter fish" as she called it. Of course, we had Octonauts toys available for all of the kids to play with.

I didn't plan any games or major activities because most of our guests were under the age of 5, but I did want to have a few small things available for them to do. These Under the Sea! Sticker Scenes were perfect for this age.
Under the Sea Party Activities

I had so much fun with the food for this party. Each character got a special dish with a tag I made in Photoshop.
Octonuats Birthday Party

For Captain Barnacles, I used green Hawaiian Punch as Captain Barnacle's Kelp Punch.
Captain Barnacle's Punch

Kwazii's Shark Teeth were triangles of cheese.
Kwazii's Shark Teeth

What under the sea party would be complete without goldfish? Tunip is famous for his fish biscuits!
Tunip's Fish Biscuits

I loved the way Dashi's Clam Cookies turned out. I used shortbread cookies, pink frosting and a yogurt covered raisin to create the clams and the kids loved them!
Dashi's Clam Cookies

Tweak's dish was pretty obvious as she is always eating a carrot and saying "faster than you can say buncha muncy crunchy carrots!"
Tweak's Buncha Munchy Crunch Carrots

Shellington is the scientist of the crew and I though it would be fun to create "ocean samples" with Jello and Swedish Fish. I used blue jello in clear cups and right before the party used a knife to create a sliver in the Jello just large enough to slide the swedish fish in.
Jello bowl with fish snacks

Professor Inkling was one of my favorite characters to create with this bell pepper octopus. I used slices of olives as the eyes and filled the olive circles with dip. Grace specifically requested marshmallows at her party so we made them "Peso's Penguin Treats". You can also see the banana dolphin I created on the fruit plate in this photo. I wish I had a better picture of it! It was super simple, just split the top of the banana by using scissors and put a grape in between the two halves. Draw an eye on it and you have a dolphin!
Bell Pepper Octopus

I had great intentions to make a fancy cake for this party but in the end we decided to order an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen and it made my life much easier. They had a dolphin design that fit the theme so well and everyone enjoyed the yummy ice cream cake.
Dairy Queen Dolphin Cake

Previous years have always been a disaster when we've tried to sing Happy Birthday to Grace. She's not big on being the center of attention and has always had a meltdown when we started singing. This year we practiced singing multiple times before and she did so great at her party. She happily blew out her candle.

She was extremely excited about eating her cake.

For favors, I created a Medical Bag like Peso's for each child. I searched high and low for the perfect boxes and finally found them at Michaels. I found an Octonauts band aid printable on Google and glued them to the front.
Peso's Medical Bag Favors

Each medical bag contained a pack of goldfish and a bunch of fun goodies from Oriental Trading.

  • Each child got a set of stickers from the Ocean Life Photo Roll of Stickers. These stickers are beautiful and my kids loved identifying each sea creature. With 100 stickers per roll, each child got a bunch in their boxes.
  • We added 3 Sea Life Creatures and these were by far the most popular thing in the boxes. With 90 pieces in the bag, there were tons of different creatures to choose from and Grace loved picking out sets of creatures for each child. 
  • Finally each box contained 2 Growing Sea Life Characters. My kids had so much fun putting these in water and watching them grow. Within 12 hours they get huge! There were a variety of creatures in the pack and Grace liked the bright colors. 

Peso's Medical Bag

Thank you to Oriental Trading for the amazing party supplies. Grace is still talking about her fun Octonauts party and I will be sad to take the decorations down! Check out Oriental Trading's website to shop for decorations that are sure to help set the stage for your perfect party and connect with them via Facebook and Twitter

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  1. I found your blog while I was searching on Google for Octonauts Birthday and what a wonderful birthday party! I can tell lots of efforts and thoughts went into it :) Everyone at the party must have had a blast!
    I got great ideas from your inspirations so thank you! I am planning for an Octonauts birthday for my son's 6th birthday upcoming in March and I am wondering if you might be willing to share your fantastic invitation? I am not good at Photoshop so I am already suffering trying to make the invitation from scratch. My email is Thank you! :)



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