Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Connor's 2nd Birthday: The Incredibles Party + Free Incredibles Printables

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Incredibles Decorations

Connor turned 2 in October and I had a hard time narrowing down a theme for his party. He loves Pixar movies and I finally decided on The Incredibles. I was so pleased with the way everything turned out and I can't believe it's taken me this long to share it with you!

I created this invitation in Photoshop and all of his friends were excited to come for their "mission".
Incredibles Birthday Party

The main decorations were Incredibles characters I created using the Disney Best of Pixar cartridge on my Cricut. These characters took quite a while to create but they were the perfect accents for the party.
Incredibles Birthday Party Banner

For the food and drinks, I wanted to feature each character. I created the food signs and cupcake picks in Photoshop. You can find free printable cupcake picks here!
Incredibles Birthday Party

We had:

Mr Incredible's Chocolate Cake
Mrs Incredible's Twisty Treats (Twizzlers)
Violet's Vanishing Grapes
Dash the Carnivore's Snacks (sausage and cheese)
Frozone's Frosty Punch (Blue Hawaiian Punch)
Syndrome's Sinister Salsa
Cracker Jack Jack's

The kids were happy to eat their vegetables with the fun "Choose Your Superpower" signs! You can find a printable of these signs here.
Olives- Super Speed
Pickles- Flying
Celery- Shape Shifting
Tomatoes- Super Strength
Carrots- Weather Control
Broccoli- Invisibility

Incredibles Birthday Party Food

I created buildings by covering shoe boxes in brown wrapping paper I found at Michaels and attaching small black squares.

Incredibles Birthday Party

The birthday boy was not exactly thrilled to be center of attention. In fact, all he wanted to do was sit on the couch between his grandma's and drink punch out of a big boy cup. He refused a sippy and didn't have any interest in playing with his friends. We were hopeful that the cake would be a hit. But as soon as we started singing, he totally lost it.

He wiggled and screamed until I finally let him go.

He climbed up on the couch and happily ate his cupcake.

Presents were not even enough to lure him off the couch so we brought them to him.

Despite his grumpiness, all of the kids had a great time running around play superheroes! Each child got an Incredibles bag filled with super goodies.
Incredibles Birthday Party

Each bag contained a wiggly straw (not pictured here for some reason), an Incredibles coloring book that I created, a small box of crayons, and a felt mask and stickers that I found in 8 packs at Hobby Lobby.
Incredibles Birthday Party Favors

I divided up the masks and stickers into individual Ziplocs and sealed them with this tag I created. You can find the free printable here.
Incredibles Birthday Party Favors

Despite his mood, Connor ended up having a great time at his party and his friends loved their superhero masks.

Here are printables I created for this party, I hope you are able to use them!

These designs are for personal use only. All designs are copyright of Moments That Take My Breath Away. Any use for commercial purposes is a copyright infringement.


  1. Very cute! I especially love the fruit logo.

  2. TYVM for posting your ideas! Working on a party for my sons and this gives me some ideas.

  3. love your ideas! do you happens to have the cover sheet for the color book that you made? i'm make an activity book as a party favor, thanks!

  4. Oh my gosh, these are so perfect. Thank you so much for all these awesome ideas! :)

  5. how did you make the little cards that say what the foods names are :)

  6. would i be able to get the printable little cards that say the food names on them? email to My party is this weekend. Thanks so much



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