Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A Sick Day as a Stay at Home Mom

Last week started just like any other week. We finished up our weekend thinking there was still so much we hadn't gotten done and my to do list for the week was a little absurd. The house was passable but by no means clean. Laundry was piled up and I planned on putting it away on Monday. My intentions are always good.....

Sunday night I went to bed early because I wasn't feeling quite right. Around 3 AM I woke up shivering and feeling awful. I spent the next 2 hours trying to get warm and dealing with Grace who refused to go back to sleep after needing to use the bathroom. I took Tylenol and got a few minutes of sleep before Connor woke up screaming. 

I knew that it was going to be a long day. Pre kids, I would have taken a sick day. Now life is a bit different. Here is what a sick day looked for me 5 years ago vs now.

5 years ago:

7:45 AM- Roll over to grab the phone, call into work, call to make a doctor's appointment, and go back to sleep
10:00- Catch up on some TV or watch a movie
12 PM- Eat some warm chicken noodle soup 
12:30 PM- Time for another nap
2:30- Read a book or watch more TV
3:00- Head to the doctor
3:45- Home to go back to sleep
The rest of the day consists of more resting. 

As a stay at home mom:

4:00 AM- Up with my 4 year old who refuses to stay quiet for anyone but me.
6:00- Back in bed, dosed with Tylenol but still freezing and uncomfortable
6:15- Up with the 2 year old. A desperate attempt at getting husband to stay home fails because he HAS to go to work. I know this, his boss is out for a while and he has to keep things running. 
6:30- Fix kids breakfast. Throw frozen pancakes on their plates and they whine that they want something else. I tell them too bad. 
7:00- Give them each an iPad and tell them to please be good today because I am miserable.
7:15- They are fighting over who has the right iPad (they are the same.) Take the iPads away and tell them to go play.
7:20-Make a little nest for myself on the couch with blankets and curl up while they play in her room.
7:50- Amazed that I got a little rest when I hear the fighting starting again. Go into her room to find this:

I don't have the energy to make them clean it up so I tell them to PLEASE PLAY NICELY and leave them to it knowing full well they're going to continue fighting.
8:00- Call the doctor to find that the only appointment time available is during the only time I don't have an available babysitter. I take it anyway, I will find a way to make it work.
8:15- Work out an arrangement with my husband so he can watch them for a short time during the appointment.
8:30- Try to play with them and help them clean up the huge mess they've made. My energy is non existent and all they want to do is climb all over me. 
8:45- 2 year old decides he wants to potty train and begs to go potty every 10 minutes. He squeezes out just enough pee to think he should get a treat (M&M) and throws a fit if he doesn't get one every time. 
That is my day until 2 PM. Running Connor to the potty every few minutes and listening to them fight or make a mess the rest of the time. Somewhere in there I threw together something for them to eat and curl back on the couch.
2:00- Realize I'm supposed to be leaving in 15 minutes and neither of them have clothes on. I don't know what happened to the clothes but 15 minutes is tight for us to get out of the house on a normal day. I rush around trying to get everyone ready and deal with the fits about them not being able to find the right toys to bring with them in the car. 
2:30- Running late but I rush into the doctor just in time. Waiting in the waiting room is the most relaxing part of the day
3:00- Leave the doctor with a strep throat diagnosis and an antibiotic. 
3:30- Home and set them up in front of a movie. Count down the minutes until Mike gets home and luckily he gets home early. I head to bed while he takes the evening shift.

Thank God for antibiotics that work quickly! I know it must be hard for working moms too and oh my word, single moms I don't know how you do it. I felt much better the next day and am slowly recovering. Of course, 4 days later we were in urgent care with Grace for a nasty rash that turned out to be strep as well. Life never slows down with kids! Someday my house will be clean and my laundry will be done, just not today! 

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