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10 Consignment Sale Shopping Tips: Finding Great Deals at JBF Lee's Summit

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by JBF Lee's Summit. All opinions are 100% my own and honest.

I had the opportunity to shop my favorite children's consignment sale this morning and I couldn't wait to get home and share all of my amazing finds with you! I look forward to the Just Between Friends (JBF) Lee's Summit sale all year and trust me, it didn't disappoint. After 5 years of shopping this sale (I shopped it for the very first time when I was newly pregnant with Grace) I'm very familiar with the workings of consignment sale shopping. I know it can be overwhelming so I thought I'd share some of favorite tips to help you find the best consignment sale deals!

1. Follow the sale's social media pages. If you aren't following JBF Lee's Summit on Facebook and Twitter, you are missing out on amazing giveaways and info about the sale. Plus, hint hint, they always post a free admittance pass on their Facebook page that you can show on your phone to get free admission the first day of the public sale!

2. When JBF Lee's Summit announces their schedule, check the presale list. If you qualify for any of them (volunteer, consignor, first time moms/grandparents, teachers, foster parents, military families and moms of multiples) make sure to sign up and attend that presale. The earlier you get in to shop the better!

3. Make a list of what you need to shop for including sizes. If you are looking for big ticket items, it's wise to know the general retail prices. It's important to remember that consignors set the items prices meaning some things will be better deals than others.

4. When you're ready to shop, come prepared! Wear comfy shoes, bring a snack or water if you think you'll need it, and if you can, leave your kids with a sitter. I have tried to shop with my kids and I never get the chance to look as much as I want to. The JBF Lee's Summit sale is massive and I love taking the time to really look through the racks. They provide bags but some people choose to use a stroller to hold their items. This is a personal choice but I find it easier to navigate the busy aisles with just a bag.

5. The JBF Lee's Summit sale can be overwhelming when you first enter. I don't know how many times I've talked to women waiting in line who had no idea what to expect. The sale is set up almost exactly the same every year with toys on one side, baby items on the other, clothes in the middle, and large items in the back. If you haven't been before, don't be afraid to ask a volunteer where a section is.

6. So you know what you're looking for and you've asked for help with where to go, now it's time to head to your priority area. The big items go fast so if you are looking for a stroller, large outside toy, etc., go look for that first. Instead of having to lug a large item around, JBF Lee's Summit has tags that allow you to claim an item by simply tearing off the bottom section to take to the registers. A volunteer is happy to help you get the process going. They make it super simple.

7. After claiming your big items, shop til you drop! Don't forget to check out the seasonal sections. For the spring/summer sale, there is a large swim and sports section. During the fall/winter sale, don't miss the Halloween costumes!

8. Those large bags get full fast so head over to the holds area and let them store your stuff while you enjoy shopping. They will hold toys, clothes, whatever you need so don't worry about lugging everything around. Also the volunteers in the holds area can check any electronic toys to see if they work or open items to make sure all of the pieces are there.

9. When looking through the racks for clothes, I often find that I take a lot of items from the same seller. They are normally placed together on the racks and if I like one or two of their pieces and their prices are great, I make sure to look more carefully at their other items. Today during the presale, I found an entire rack full of a seller with Gymboree and Gap clothes in Grace's size and another seller in Connor's size who had a ton of shirts priced cheap! I'm sure those sellers are very happy tonight because I bought a ton of their stuff.

10. Lastly, have fun! It can get really busy, especially on the first day and on 50% off day but everyone is super nice and helpful. Enjoy finding amazing deals and spoiling your kiddos!

I love consignment sale shopping and Mike always makes fun of me for how excited I am to show off all of my amazing finds! It's a serious addiction and I don't plan to stop anytime soon. So now I get to show off all the fun stuff I found this morning.  I love getting Easter basket fillers at the Spring/Summer sale. I'm cutting back on toys this year so I grabbed a couple of puzzles for Grace (a Chuggington set for $4 and 2 animal puzzles for $1 each) and a set of Thomas trains to go on Connor's train table for $5.

Shoes were the main focus of my trip today and they were my first stop. I got Connor 4 pairs, brown dress shoes, Micky Crocs (currently $30 on Amazon, paid $8), brown sandals, and a pair of Stride Rite police car light up shoes (I normally wouldn't pay so much but they look brand new, paid $15, currently $49 at Stride Rite). Grace got a pair of pink Keens (currently $37, paid $5) and pink Children's place sandals. Children's shoes are so pricy so I'm willing to spend a little more on good brands as they will resell well.
I have a few summer pieces for Connor already so I just wanted to get a few shirts and shorts for him to finish out his summer wardrobe. Each of these hangers has 2 polo shirts on it. Each shirt came out to $1.50 each from Gap and Old Navy. There are two pairs of shorts for $1.50 each. The swimsuits were also $1.50 each and I'm pretty sure Connor is going to want to wear the Toy Story shorts all summer.
Grace didn't have much of anything for summer so I spent more time looking for her. She is in a dress only phase currently and overall the frillier the better in her opinion so I stuck with mostly pink and tutus. I paid between $3 to $8 for each piece and most are from Gap, Gymboree, and Disney. She put the Minnie dress on as soon as she got home from school and told me I did "GREAT" at picking stuff so I guess she's happy.
Overall, I spent $122 for all of this stuff. I was super pleased with my haul and will probably head back on the last discount day to grab a few more things for Connor. If you can go on the last day, definitely do, I always find amazing deals on play clothes!

I hope some of these tips will help you in your next consignment sale adventure. For more information about the JBF Lee's Summit sale, check out their website now.

Shop the JBF Lee's Summit sale this weekend at the John Knox Pavilion

Friday, February 20th

: 10am-7pm
Open to the public, $2 admission for 18 & over.

Saturday, February 21st: 

Free Admission.  

Sunday, February 22nd: 

 50% off many items!
Free Admission.

Thank you JBF Lee's Summit for having me at the presale! 

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