Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Grace: 4 years old

Dear Grace,

You actually turned 4 almost a week ago. I have been trying to write this post since then and have honestly had a hard time. Admitting to myself that you are four has been difficult for me. You have changed so much in the past year it's hard to even describe. A year ago, we could barely get 3 word sentences out of you and now you talk non stop. We are amazed at the things that come out of your mouth and I love hearing your thoughts. Obviously the biggest change this year has been that you started preschool. Where did my kid with severe separation anxiety go?? You happily run into school every morning and absolutely adore your teachers. After a week of being sick, your teacher finally returned to school this morning and as soon as you saw her you ran and gave her a big hug saying "oh Miss Diane, I missed you so much. I'm so happy you're feeling better!" You are about the sweetest thing ever.

  • Like I mentioned, your verbal skills have grown leaps and bounds. Part of this is due to preschool. We've also been attending a "talk group", or speech play group through the school district and I think that's helped a ton. The speech pathologist is excellent at making you focus on your words while still having fun. You look forward to going and will have another speech evaluation at the end of the term to see if you will continue. 
  • You have become quite the social butterfly. Your best friends are Molly, Lincoln, and Addie. As Molly lives very close to us, you beg to see her daily and "talk" to her on the phone frequently. You have made two close friends at preschool, both of whom like to dance and wear fancy dresses. Obviously you three are kindred spirits.
  • Speaking of dance, you still adore ballet. You love going to see Miss Katie every week and after a trip to the Nutcracker, you have decided that you are going to be Clara when you grow up. I caught this video the other day of you dancing with your Nutcracker and I love it. 

  • You remind me of your daddy in so many ways. You have more of a technical mind. You know directions extremely well and can tell us how to get to a ton of different places. You're already doing pretty well with left vs right. You are amazing at sorting and are addicted to puzzles. You got a new puzzle from grandma and papa for your birthday and immediately begged papa to do it with you. You have now mastered doing it yourself in record time.

  • You are still a total girly girl. Dresses, shoes, jewelry, you love it all. You want to wear a dress every single day and often change multiple times a day with full accessories. A tiara was a must for your birthday.
  • You still love to play rough with daddy and Connor even when you're dressed to the nines. You love to run around, climb and wrestle and you would live outside if we'd let you. You are begging to go swimming right now and can't wait to start swimming lessons in the spring. You thrive on activity and adored going to the bounce house place on your birthday. Instead of simply sitting down to go on the large slide, you jumped as high as you could at the top. 
  • Most days I'm pretty convinced that your favorite person in the world is Connor. Daddy, grandparents, and myself are all close seconds depending on the day. You two play together constantly and you boss him around happily. Most of the time he follows along and you get along. There are occasions where you fight, but so far you love each other the majority of the time. When we go out in public, you hold each others hand and you give each other big hugs at bedtime. 
I could write so much more but I am going to ask you some questions to post tomorrow so I will stop there for now. I can't wait to see what the next year brings for you! We love you!

Love, Mommy and Daddy

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