Monday, December 1, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide: PomTree Craft Kits- Simple & No Glue Necessary!

Disclosure: I received these products from PomTree to facilitate this review. No other compensation was received and all opinions are 100% honest and my own.

Some of my favorite Christmas gifts growing up were craft supplies and kits. I remember spending hours crafting away and now that Grace is getting old enough to enjoy them, I've filled our craft supply area with fun craft kits for her. PomTree recently sent us several of their innovative, no mess products and we were excited to receive their Twinkle Top Tree House Playset, Felt Kitty & Mouse Kit, and Playful Pet Sticker Tub.

I let Grace choose which activity she wanted to start with and she went right for the tree house playset.
She was a bit overwhelmed by the number of pieces but we followed the instructions and set up our tree house. She really just wanted to decorate so we skipped some of the inside furniture and extra leaves so that she could get to the fun part, stickers and play!

We had a great time setting up the tree house, but it took longer than I expected. A few of the pieces were difficult to separate from the foam like they hadn't been completely cut through. Grace wasn't able to get the backing off of the stickers easily and often had to ask for help. Also, it seemed top heavy and several times it would start to fall forward (this might be an error with my assembly skills, not the product though!) These things didn't detract from the fun for her at all though and she was so proud of our creation.

She enjoyed playing with the included girl piece for a while and made sure that I took it apart nicely so that we could store it for her to play with later. Since all of the pieces fit together with no glue or tape required, it is easy to take apart to store!

The winner of the day was definitely the Pets Sticker Tub.

With 629 felt, foam, and paper stickers featuring some of her favorite animals and pet accessories, these stickers are perfect for her. She has spent hours creating animal scenes and decorating her artwork.

She enjoys sorting all of the foam and felt stickers and matching up the animals with their accessories.  "Puppies go with the water dish, the kitty needs a food dish." I normally get this tub out when I am putting Connor down for his nap and she happily plays quietly. It's so fun to watch her creativity blossom with PomTree products!

The Felt Kitty & Mouse set is going to be one of her Christmas presents but I know that she will love it. This no sew kit features sticky backing making it easy and fun for kids to create their own kitty. The cute colors and adorable embellishments make this kitty so fun.

I love the time that Grace and I get to spend together doing crafts and PomTree makes our craft time simple and fun with NO MESSY GLUE! Instead of having to worry about extensive setup and a mess, we just get to enjoy our time together. PomTree offer many other fun kits and adorable projects that are sure to be a hit as holiday gifts. Check out their website, Facebook, and Twitter for more information. 

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