Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide: Mrs. Fields Innovative Bakeware from Love Cooking Company

Disclosure: I received these products from Love Cooking Company for free to facilitate this review. No other compensation was received and all opinions are 100% my own and honest. 

The holiday season is finally here and I am so excited to start my holiday baking. I love making Christmas cookies and treats to share with family and friends. It's a great way to spend time with my kids now that they like to "help" me bake. Many of my pans are old and I have been searching for the perfect replacements. Love Cooking Company recently offered to send me some of their Mrs. Fields products and oh my word, I'm in love! They offer everyday bakeware and innovative pans to create unique treats for parties and special events.

I received the Mrs. Fields Cookie Cuttables™ ChristmasCupcake Cone Pan™Round Fill N Flip™ Locking Layer Baking PanHalf & Half Pan™, and the Brookie™ Pan to review.

Mrs. Fields Cookie Cuttables™ Christmas
I love making Christmas cookies with my kids but it can be extremely time consuming. They really just want to decorate them so spending the time individually cutting each cookie leads to bored children. The Cookie Cuttables each feature a grid of cookie cutters allowing you to get 16 cookie cutouts at once. With festive Christmas shapes, the Cuttables Christmas grid will be perfect for our upcoming cookie decorating sessions!

Mrs. Fields Cupcake Cone Pan™
This is the pan I am most excited about. Cupcake cones make the perfect party treats and I know I will be making them for future birthday parties. Simply place cones into the pan, fill them with your favorite cake batter for an easy to eat, fun dessert!

Mrs. Fields Round Fill N Flip™ Locking Layer Baking Pan
I absolutely love fruit filled cakes. I've tried to make them before but it's difficult because the fruit always ends up spilling out of the sides making a huge mess. Mrs. Fields Fill N Flip Locking Layer Pan to the rescue! This pan creates an area for you to fill with your favorite filling and then seals it in with the top layer. The center filling will be a fun surprise for your guests. How cute would it be to put candy in the middle for a child's birthday cake?

Mrs. Fields Half & Half Pan™
Everyone loves cupcakes and I tend to make them for all of our birthday parties. The Half & Half Pan puts a fun twist on the traditional cupcake by allowing you to create cupcakes with two flavors. Combine any flavors that you can think of to make delicious creations for your guests. I think it would be delicious to use for muffin combinations as well!

Mrs. Fields Brookie™ Pan
I had never heard of Brookies before but when I searched online, I realized I'm obviously behind in the desert trends! A delicious combination of a brownie and a cookie, the Brookie is a rich delicious treat that is sure to be a hit at all of your holiday events.

I had an ornament exchange at church this evening and used my Brookie pan for the first time to make some treats to bring along. This pan makes creating Brookies super easy!

I used a small amount of non stick spray to coat my pan and then filled the bottom of the Brookie slots with brownie batter. I added a homemade chocolate chip cookie top down to center of each Brookie. I then used the rest of my batter to totally cover the cookies.

I baked the Brookies according to the brownie directions and they came out smelling delicious. The instructions say that two boxed brownie mixes are needed for each pan, but I only had one and it filled up 5 out of the 6 openings.

After cooling, I removed them to check out my Brookies. They aren't as pretty as the ones on the package because I wasn't as neat with the brownie batter as I should have been (next time I will use a smaller spoon to transfer the batter and will not place as much batter under the cookies.) Regardless of how they look, they tasted delicious and were a huge hit at the party!

Check out all of Love Cooking Company's innovative and everyday baking products on their website now. They would make perfect gifts for anyone who loves to bake! You can purchase Love Cooking Company products at AmazonTargetKohl's, and Sears.

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Thank you to Love Cooking Company for all of the amazing Mrs. Field's bakeware products! 

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