Saturday, November 15, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide: PlasmaBike- the Perfect Gift for an Active Toddler

Disclosure: I received a PlasmaBike for my kids from PlaSmart in exchange for this review. No other compensation was received and all opinions are 100% honest and my own. This post contains affiliate links which means if you place an order through the link I will receive a small amount. 

PlasmaBike: The perfect gift for an active toddler!

Like most two year olds, Connor is insistent that he is a big boy. He wants to do everything himself and if big sister can do it, he should be able to as well. Watching her ride her bike was extremely frustrating for him because his despite best attempts, he could not ride it. His legs just aren't long enough to use it comfortably and he doesn't have the balance keep it upright. He is a very active toddler with lots of energy and I knew that a bike would be a great way for him to have fun and get some exercise. When PlaSmart (the makers of the PlasmaCar) offered to send me their balance bike for toddlers, the PlasmaBike, I knew that it would be the perfect solution to our bike problem.

After about a minute of getting it out of the box, both kids descended on the bike and each wanted a turn. There is absolutely no assembly required for this bike. Any toy that I can simply pull out of the box with no work on my part earns major points with me! Connor hopped on and easily raced through the kitchen. The PlasmaBike's wide wheels and light weight make it easy for him to use.
Luckily it holds up to 55 lbs, because Grace wanted a turn too. Her favorite feature? The horn actually makes noise. She rolled around the entire house happily honking at everything and calling it her motorcycle. Despite her best attempts at taking over the bike, this has definitely become one of Connor's favorite toys. He rides it around multiple times a day and has even made it his new movie watching spot.
He parks in front of the TV, sets his legs up on the frame and chills out. You can see how easy it is for him to balance. He occasionally makes it "fall over," but he does it intentionally because he thinks it's funny (weird I know, is that a boy thing?) The PlasmaBike is made for toddlers 18 months and up. We received it when he was 22 months and he is the perfect size for it.

The PlasmaBike is a great bike for your toddler who wants to be a big kid but is still working on their balance and coordination. I can say with confidence that it is super sturdy, Connor is extremely hard on his toys and it still looks perfect. He is always riding it or pulling it around somewhere and hides it in his room to keep it away from his sister. It weighs only 7 lbs so it is easy for me to take down the stairs for playtime in the driveway or to the park for a play date.

You can purchase the PlasmaBike at Target right now for only $65,99 with free shipping. This is definitely one of my favorite products in my Holiday Gift Guide and would make the perfect present for any toddler on your shopping list! Learn more about the PlasmaBike and PlaSmart by visiting their website, FacebookTwitter, Google +, Pinterest, YouTube, and LinkedIn pages.

Thank you to PlaSmart for the PlasmaBike! 

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