Sunday, November 16, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide: Our Gaming Party with the LeapFrog #LeapTV

Disclosure: I received these products for review purposes. No other compensation was received and all opinions are 100% my own and honest. 

My kids are destined to love video games. Mike is a gamer and has even gotten me to play several with him. I enjoy playing a couple of our consoles and both kids love pretending to play with us. When LeapFrog announced their new gaming system for kids, the LeapTV, I knew it was a must have in our house. LeapFrog gave us the chance to host a MommyParty to test out the LeapTV with some of our friends and family and let me tell you, it was a huge hit. The kids didn't want to stop playing and I can't blame them!

The LeapTV is a new gaming system designed for kids between the ages of 3-8 that encourages activity. Kids will jump, wiggle, move, and groove all while learning! With over 100 games and videos to choose from, kids are sure to find something they enjoy. The controller is made for little hands and easily transforms from a classic controller to a pointer.

The LeapTV includes a motion sensing camera which allows the little ones to play without having to use a controller. A simple interface and audio instructions ensure that everyone can enjoy the fun.

Mike quickly installed our new system and I set up profiles for several of the children attending the party (you can add up to 5). We were bit concerned that the light might be an issue as our only TV is downstairs, but more about that in a bit. The kids arrived ready to play and we tried out the Sports soccer game first.  While blocking goals, they had the opportunity to earn boosts by answering math questions. We had kids between the ages of 3-10 playing and I was pleasantly surprised to see that when we chose the corresponding player's profile, the game automatically adjusted the difficulty level of the "boosts' to their age level. Grace got MUCH easier questions than her 10 year old cousin. After some soccer and swimming play, they were ready to move on to the Dance and Learn game.
The older kids loved being in control of the menus with the controller!
The Dance and Learn game offers many choices of who to dance with but the hit at the party was Jungle Jam. Each child would take their turn answering questions about sight words and everyone would join in to dance at the end.

This video still makes me laugh! Grace was so excited every time she got the questions right that she would shout "I did it! I win!" and the older girls loved dancing along. Please ignore the adults talking in the background, it was hard to get a quiet environment while everyone was having so much fun!

The only problem we had with the system was actually due to our environment. The motion sensing camera needs a decent amount of light to sense everything and our basement just wasn't light enough. Every once and a while it would ask if we wanted to leave the game for no reason. We assume that is due to the light issue and we are trying to find a way to remedy it. It is not a huge annoyance but just something to note if you are going to be buying one this holiday season!

After checking out the two games, the older girls begged to play Pet Play World, the bonus game we received with parent registration. They loved customizing their pets and playing with them. Grace even got to make a pink unicorn that she named Snuggle Bunny.

Our LeapTV party was a huge success! The kids all had fun and I've had reports back from the other parents that the kids are now begging for LeapTVs of their own. I'm thinking Grace and Connor might be receiving the Sofia the First and Disney Pixar Pals games soon to add to our collection.

For a fun, educational gift that is sure to keep your kids active, check out the LeapTV from LeapFrog. Learn more by checking out their website, Facebook, and Twitter page!

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