Sunday, November 30, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide: Animal Trackers Club Subscription for Kids

Disclosure: I received two months of packets from Animal Trackers Club to facilitate this review. No other compensation was received and all opinions are 100% my own and honest. 

Our kids get so many toys for Christmas and their birthdays that I often tell people that I would love experience and subscription box gifts for them instead of more stuff. A monthly subscription box is an amazing gift for kids as it spreads the fun throughout the year. Animal Trackers Club offers monthly packets aimed at kids ages 3 and up featuring crafts and activities based on that month's animal.

Bode Bear takes your child to the African Savanna where he tracks a variety of amazing animals. Begin the adventure with your Animal Trackers Club Safari Lunchbox. This lunchbox becomes a play station for the monthly animal magnets as well as storage for the animal play figures, animal information card collection and the “Safari Animal Tracks” ringed set.

Each monthly packet will include an Animal Trackers Club Information card with easy to follow and understand information about the animal being tracked that month. The packet will also include a play magnet to add to the lunchbox, a foam animal dress-up mask, and a realistic, hand-painted animal play figure. In addition, the packet will have a “Safari Animal Tracks” card for your ringed set, containing a real photo of the monthly animal as well as the track it leaves in the wild. Each monthly packet will also contain a learning activity and an art project created to develop the skills needed to become a proficient student and reader.

Grace loves getting mail and she adores animals so this subscription is perfect for her. We received the starter Club Safari Lunchbox and the first month's packet featuring zebras to review.

We started with the activities from the first month's box. It included a ring to put our upcoming featured animal photos on, an information sheet about African animals, a card game, and a savannah sticker craft.

Grace wanted to do the sticker craft first and I was so happy to see that there were two landscape sheets included so that both of my kids could participate. The stickers were the perfect size for little hands and they could do them without help. We had fun identifying each animal and Grace loved teaching Connor about each animal.

Next we tried the card game. Grace did great matching the front of the animals to the corresponding backs. Connor is still a little young but he enjoyed it none the less. The instructions gave details on how to use the cards in different ways to help kids work on their developmental skills.

Next I pulled out the zebra packet and Grace got more and more excited the more I pulled out of the envelope.

Each monthly packet comes with a foam mask, a magnet, and a realistic hand painted animal play figure. These were by far the hit of the day with Grace. She has been carrying the zebra and magnet around for days and she loves wearing the zebra mask. 
We added the zebra photo to her binder ring and talked about the zebra facts included on the information sheet.

The craft used black and white packing peanuts to make the stripes of the zebra using just water. This craft is so clever, fun, and simple, perfect for this age!

We absolutely loved the first two packets from Animal Trackers Club. It is extremely age appropriate and a great educational tool for preschoolers. The crafts are simple and engaging and the added details of the mask, magnet, and figure make it so fun for the kids. I have to admit there are many days that I want to do something fun with the kids but my creativity is lacking. These packets are the perfect solution to winter boredom and a great way to spend an afternoon with my kids with very little setup or clean up required! Animal Trackers Club is $11.95 per month plus $3 shipping. We will definitely be subscribing to Animal Trackers Club!

If your child is over 6, be sure to check out the other club from Animal Trackers called Space Scouts which encourages learning through space exploration! For more information about either program and to subscribe, check out their website, Facebook, and Twitter pages now! 

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