Monday, November 17, 2014

Connor: 2 Years Old


I'm sorry this post is over 2 weeks late! I'm fairly certain that I'm in denial that you are actually 2. It feels like you were born yesterday and I am not ready for you to be so big. You have changed so much in the past year.
October 2013- 1 year old

October 2014- 2 years old

  • You still have the same sweet personality you have always had, but boy you are busy! You have spent this year running as fast as possible, learning as much as you can, and laughing a lot. You are all boy and you love to be outside exploring. You hate getting your picture taken and put our photographer through her paces trying to get any shot of you smiling. You love to collect things and spent your time collecting rocks and sticks instead of posing for photos. 

  • You have averaged out in size lately. At your 2 year pediatrician appointment you weighed 28 lbs 15 oz (61st percentile) and were 34 1/4 inches (54th percentile). You are still one of the strongest toddlers most people have ever seen. You're very solid with broad shoulders, people telling me you're going to be a line backer (PLEASE don't play football!) 
  • After your sister gave us so much trouble in the sleep department, I was worried I would have the same problem with you. But you seem to take after me and your daddy in that department and sleep happily from 8 PM- 7:30ish AM every night. You also take a 1-2 hour nap each afternoon. We rock for a couple of minutes before nap and bedtime and you go in your bed wtih no complaints each time. You snuggle with a small little dalmatian puppy that you got as a party favor at your friend's Lincoln's birthday party and use your Aden and Anais blankets to cover up with. 
  • You have almost all of your teeth. Your last 2 two year old molars are making their way through. Teething has given you a very hard time this past year and we are all glad it's almost over.
  • You nursed until you were 21 months old and gave it up easily. You love food in general although you aren't a big fan of pickles or vegetables. Your favorite foods are bacon, chips, and bananas. You love to snack and aren't a fan of eating dinner. You don't have much of a sweet tooth and generally only eat a few bites of cake or ice cream (you got that from daddy!) 
  • Speaking of daddy, you are his mini-me. Except for your dark brown eyes from my side, you look exactly like him. You act like him too! 

  • You are an explorer and a mover. You hate sitting still. Getting in your car seat is a chore every single time and sitting in the stroller is even worse. You want to be up running around and you have been known to run away from me in public. We're having major issues with this right now and I'm hoping you grow out of it soon!
A classic Connor face you make when you don't like something.
  • You love cleaning (sweeping and vacuuming are favorite activities) and playing with the play kitchen. Your favorite toys are cars, trucks, your racetrack, your tool bench, your firetruck, and your boat. You love music and coloring and I think you might be my artistic kid. You like books but rarely still still for them longer than a page or two. You like all Sandra Boynton books, the "That's Not My...." series, and VeggieTales books. 
  • You are beyond obsessed with Finding Nemo and anything with fish. You also really like How to Train Your Dragon, Despicable Me, and Wreck It Ralph.
  • I'm fairly certain that your favorite person in the entire world is Grace. Daddy and I run a close second but you guys play with each other almost all day and you have a special bond that I love to watch. You look for her when she's in preschool and you call her "Gace." You run around the house holding hands and give each other hugs until you fall down giggling. You love to play ring around the rosy and run circles with your backpacks on "going to school." You also fight and bicker but overall you love each other. 

  • You have tons of words and we are working hard on encouraging you to use them. You get so busy sometimes that you forget! You are regularly putting two words together and occasionally even some 3 word phrases come out (here you go is a frequent one).
  • You love electronics. Anything with buttons or switches is a toy to you and you want to play video games with daddy. 

  • You are a persistent little guy. When you know you're not supposed to do something, you do it over and over again to push our buttons. Discipline is a challenge as it doesn't really affect you. I know it will get easier when you are a little older but it is a hard phase! We have certainly entered the terrible 2's stage and I'm hoping the next year isn't as much of a challenge as I think it will be. 
  • Despite the challenges, you are generally a happy little boy who makes everyone smile. You are a flirt and love to smile at all the women you see in stores and restaurants. You LOVE your fedora and want to wear it every single day. We get so many comments on how adorable you are and you just eat up all of the attention.

We love you so much Connor. I wish I could slow time down a bit to enjoy every moment but I'm excited to see your personality develop in the next year.



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