Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thanksgiving Turkey Leaf Placemat Craft for Kids

I love fall. The weather is gorgeous, the trees are beautiful, and I love getting ready for all of the holidays. Mike isn't a huge fan of how our yard looks at the moment though!

We have a ton of trees in both our front and back yards so he has to spend a lot of time bagging them. Grace and I decided to help him out yesterday by doing some leaf crafts. Our favorite was the Turkey Thanksgiving Placemat.

She glued leaves to a piece of construction paper. I helped her arrange them to look like feathers. She added lots of leafy layers. While she glued leaves, I cut out a turkey body, eyes, a beak, and feet. She helped me glue them all together and I wrote Happy Thanksgiving at the bottom. We used contact paper to "laminate" her placemat. Leave your construction paper with the turkey on the table and place a sheet of contact paper over it. That way you can smooth air bubbles out and try to get the leaves as flat as possible. The contact paper made it hard to get a great picture but it is so cute. We put it under a very heavy book for a while to help flatten the leaves out to make it easier to use at the table. She now wants to make personalized ones so I might invest in some laminating packets to make the job easier.

She begged me to take a picture with it the next morning after she had smushed it in her backpack. She told me she wanted to take it to preschool. I guess that means she loves it!

For more fun fall crafts for kids, check out our Pumpkin Suncatchers and Thankful Pumpkins!

I'm slowly getting our house decorated for fall. What are your favorite fall decorations? 

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