Thursday, October 2, 2014

Little Things Thursday

Today I'm linking up to my friend Rebecca's Little Things Thursday link up! I've been meaning to start this weekly post for months now so I figured now would be a good time to start.

1. Words, words, words!
Connor is talking up a storm these past couple of weeks. He repeats almost everything and is regularly starting to put two words together. After several weeks of repeating "I love you," he is starting to say it without having to be prompted. Two nights ago at bedtime as Mike was leaving his room, he said "I love you daddy!"

2. School Fall Fun Night
Grace had her first school carnival last week and we all had a blast. Both kids were so excited to pick out their pumpkins. You'll notice that Connor is holding the same sucker in every photo. He wouldn't eat it, but refused to give it up!

I had to sneak some photos in on the hay ride:

The highlight of the night for Grace was getting her pink castle temporary tattoo. My child, who 6 months ago screamed at the idea of face painting, happily let the teacher put on her tattoo. Connor thought he wanted one too but got annoyed about halfway through so his didn't really turn out.
She and her friend Molly had to show off their coordinating tattoos (Molly got a blue castle.) They were so thrilled.

3. How I want to spend all of my money
Seriously do I need to explain why? I am a librarian at heart people! Mike needs to hide the credit cards and check book because I really just want to get one of everything. I know this is the first of many, but it's so hard to stop myself!

4. Lee's Summit Oktoberfest
Going to Lee's Summit Oktoberfest has become a tradition for our family so we were excited to go back this year. Unlike last year when Grace refused to participate in any of the games, she had a great time this year and managed to score herself an entire bag of swag. She was pretty proud of all of it. Plus, both kids got to sit in a fire truck. They refused to look at me for pictures, I guess the truck was more entertaining than me!

5. Grace's favorite toy
Mike found this outside of Grace's classroom today when he took her and sent me a picture. I couldn't stop laughing when I got to her favorite toy. Shoes. Yep, that's my kid. She's a fashionista already. And baby cakes are her mini pancakes that she loves for breakfast.

That was fun! Hopefully I'll keep it up weekly so I can remember all of these small things that aren't quite enough for a full post.

What's been going on in your house these past few weeks? Are you enjoying the nice fall weather? 

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