Thursday, October 9, 2014

"I Will Never..." What I Thought I Knew Before Having Kids

This post is dedicated to my pre-mom self. The one who had a very idealistic view of what my life would be as a mom and who thought she knew what to expect. I thought I knew what was coming,

Here are some of my more memorable "I will never..." statements and thoughts:

I will never...

  • Pull crusts off of my kids' sandwiches
    • Pre mom self: They can eat the crust, it won't hurt them
    • Now: I do this almost every day for Connor. He won't eat the crusts, instead he tries to eat around them and ends up covered in PB&J. If I pull them off, there's no mess. Crustless bread for the win. I refuse to buy the overpriced crustless version though. 
  • Let my kids cry it out
    • Pre mom self: It's so cruel
    • Now: You know what's cruel? Not getting any sleep for years. My kids go to bed now with no complaints and sleep 12+ hours a night. Bliss. 
  • Give my kids my phone in a restaurant
    • Pre Mom Self: They can color or entertain themselves until their food comes. Young kids shouldn't need technology to be content. 
    • Now: Phone vs a meltdown? I choose phone. It doesn't happen too often but in dire cases, the phone wins. 
  • Let my little ones watch TV
    • Pre Mom Self: It's not good for their development
    • Now: I need two minutes to myself to save my sanity. Or I need to make a very important phone call. 30 minutes of The Octonauts to the rescue!
  • Be the mom with the kids running away from me in story time or out in public
    • Pre Mom Self: How hard is it to just keep them with you? Put them in the stroller or hold them!
    • Now: During most events in public you can generally find me chasing Connor around. He screams if he's in the stroller and flips out if I try to carry him. This kid will not stay with me for anything!

I think I'm going to be adding to this list as I think of more. What were your "I will never" things before you became a mom? Did you stick to them?

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