Thursday, September 18, 2014


I feel like I've been running at full speed the last few weeks with no time to sit. We took a family vacation, had some fun family outings, I went through and sold a ton of our baby clothes and items, and the kids and I are getting into a new routine with preschool. I've rarely had time to sleep, much less post a significant update here. So I wanted to share how the kids have been doing and I promise more good stuff is coming in the next week!

While Grace has transitioned into preschool 2 days a week like a pro, Connor is having a difficult time with her being gone. The poor guy has never really had to play by himself and he obviously misses her. The entire time she is gone, he begs me to play with him. If I try to step away to clean, write, or anything else he manages to get himself into trouble. Yesterday he decided to color on the dining room wall. Today I caught him climbing onto the kitchen table while I was trying to do laundry. He is a boy through and through and is extremely talented at getting himself into trouble FAST. I know it will get easier but he's in a difficult stage right now as he laughs when I try to discipline him at all. He has his moments where he is the sweetest, most adorable little guy ever and the next he's smacking me in the knee with a broom handle (yes that happened yesterday.)

He also has decided that he's a big boy and wants to do everything that Grace does. That includes carrying his own dishes, coloring with markers (a disaster in the making) and walking everywhere. I used to be able to carry him in parking lots and up/down the stairs but now he just shouts "walk, walk!" until I put him down. Most of the time this isn't an issue, but leaving the house takes twice as long now because we have to wait for him to climb down the stairs, normally a 10 minute ordeal.

I know I'm supposed to encourage this independence, but it's hard! I have to admit that I'm having a hard time with all the growing up that's going on around here. While Connor is testing his limits, Grace is thriving at school. Her teacher says she is starting to talk more and she loves telling me what she did each day. Today another mom introduced herself to me saying that her daughter has told her all about Grace and that they have become fast friends. Of course, the little girl was wearing a tutu so it's no shock that they get along! But this is the first time she's made a friend all on her own. It's a new thing and I'm still getting used to her being gone. It helps to see how much she loves it. 

It's been almost two years and I have to admit that if I hadn't had my tubes tied, I'd be seriously debating about having another baby right now. I can see my little ones turning into big kids and some days I'm totally good with that and others I just want to hold my newborn again. I just keep reminding myself how much I love sleep and how close we are to being able to enjoy a lot of new fun things as a family. I know that the changes won't stop around here and the pace probably isn't go to slow down anytime soon so I will try to keep up! 

How are your kids transitioning to the school year? Are you running around like a crazy person too? 

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