Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Toddler Fun Tuesday- Letter Identification with Cheerios

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Several weeks ago we had an absolutely crazy week and I was desperately trying to find anything I could to keep the kids entertained. One afternoon they were grumpy and fighting and I searched our pantry to find something to keep them happy. I pulled together this game in a few minutes and it kept them both entertained for 20 minutes! I was surprised it was such a hit with both of them so I'm excited to share this simple activity with you.

I got them each a bowl of Cheerios. I love using Cheerios in our activities because they are cheap, easy to clean up (ie the dogs eat any that drop on the floor), and it's okay if Connor puts them in his mouth. Finding activities for him is challenging right now as he eats ANYTHING! I wrote letters on card stock and told them to make the letters with their Cheerios. Connor wasn't interested at first, but Grace was ready to start.

She was very focused on getting her Cheerios in a straight line. 

She was very proud of herself for finishing her A. We used this activity to work on her letter recognition. I had her do an A, which she already recognizes, a G for her name, and an L as that is the letter they were working on at preschool that week. Connor decided to participate about this time and happily placed Cheerios randomly around his paper saying "yay!" every time he placed one.

I made pages for each letter, numbers 1-10 and basic shapes. Grace has asked to play almost every day over the past couple of weeks and I'm really noticing progress in her letter recognition. I'm planning on getting the pages laminated soon so they will last a while. I love that it's an activity that works for multiple age groups. Sometimes the most basic activities are the most fun!

Have you done any fun activities with your kids lately? Please share! 

I was not compensated by Cheerios for this post in any way, I just love them and we always have them in our pantry!

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