Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Toddler Activity Tuesday: When good ideas go bad

Last week was very stressful for me. I wasn't feeling very well and had a ton of housework to do plus many many giveaways that I had to write up (enter them all now!!) Normally when I have a lot to do, I try to do fun things in the morning with the kids to encourage them to play independently in the afternoon, but with how I was feeling we were pretty much stuck in the house. I tried desperately to find ways to entertain them so that I could work in peace for a couple of minutes. Sometimes the things I come up with out of desperation work great (like this pom pom drop), but other days, I just end up creating more work for myself. Thursday was one of those days.

I was trying to write a post and the kids were fighting and screaming at each other over who knows what. Obviously the hundreds of toys we own were not satisfactory and they needed something else to do. So I saw a cardboard box sitting on our table full of lovely pink packing peanuts and thought to myself "oh those might be fun!" So I got a couple of bowls, various containers and scoops and figured they could have fun arranging them in ice cube containers. If I had been thinking at all I would have realized what a bad idea this was, can I claim mommy brain??

It started out so wonderfully.
 It looks like so much fun, right? 
Well, that lasted for about 5 minutes.

Then this happened:
Tiny pieces of pink packing peanuts shredded into my carpet. I would love to say I handled this well. I did not.

They shredded every single piece before I was able to get it all cleaned up. Have you ever tried to get tiny styrofoam bits out of your carpet? It's not easy! Even my Dyson had trouble getting it all. My desperate attempt to get a few minutes to work turned into a 20 minute clean up ordeal.

There was a bright spot a midst all the messy madness. Grace is still behind in her speech but we're working on it with her as much as possible. She doesn't always speak as clearly as she should and doesn't speak much without being asked to. During the clean up, she walked over to me unannounced and with a totally straight face said "Mommy, you are messy!" gesturing to the shredded packing peanuts surrounding me. It was obviously the comic relief I needed for the week since I bust out laughing and didn't stop for several minutes. Needless to say, I didn't get much done that day. But Grace now loves to tell me how messy I am.

Has your child made a mess like this? Please share so I know I'm not the only one!!


  1. Been there, done that with my boy years ago. I know better now, lol. No carpeting with my girl. After the first mess, we rolled up the area rug.

  2. I too, made this mistake, and others similar, my husband used to ask what I had been thinking at the time, now he just shakes his head and walks away. Sometimes, the biggest messes are the best experiences. :)



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