Friday, August 22, 2014

Grace's Haircut and Donation!

Just over two years ago, I posted pictures of Grace's very first haircut. She was a year and a half old and her hair only reached just past her ears.

For two years, I never did more than trim it. And this was what it looked like yesterday:

Long and beautiful. She constantly told me that she loved her long hair until a few months ago when I decided to cut mine shoulder length. I cut nearly 8 inches off and she was shocked when I came back home. Immediately, she asked to get her hair cut short like mine. I have to be honest, I didn't do it for several months because:
1. I love her long hair.
2. I was afraid she'd change her mind right afterwards
3. She normally fights and cries during quick trims, so I thought a full cut might be a disaster.

But after weeks of begging me to get her haircut, we finally went yesterday.

I planned on getting her hair cut to her shoulders, similar to mine. When the stylist started measuring how much she was going to cut, she mentioned that if we cut it just a bit shorter, she could donate it to Locks of Love. When I explained to Grace that she would be able to give her hair to another little girl that needed it, she immediately smiled and said "yes, I do that!" We've been talking a lot lately about giving things to other kids who need them and I was so proud of her when she was excited about donating her hair. The stylist put her hair in ponytails and when she made the first cut, I almost cried. Much to my surprise, Grace was excited with a smile on her face the entire time. She let us take pictures and did everything the stylist asked her to do.

When the cut was done, she even let her blow dry it and put a braid in. I was completely shocked and pleasantly surprised by how well she did.

She even got a certificate for donating her hair and she is so proud of it. It is currently hanging on the fridge.

As soon as Mike came in the door from work, she ran to him shouting "look at my haircut, short like mommy's!" I miss her long hair, but I know it went towards a good cause. Plus it's much easier to wash and brush now. It makes her look so much older ::tear::. I know she's excited to start preschool soon with her new big girl haircut.

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