Sunday, July 6, 2014

SwimZip: Zip Up Swimsuit Review!

Disclosure: SwimZip generously sent me a swimsuit for Grace. No compensation was received and the opinions expressed are 100% my own and honest. I really love these suits and plan to buy one for Connor soon! 

My kids would be content living outside all summer long if I let them. As I'm typing this, they are out swimming in grandma's pool with Mike and Grandma. Due to our extremely pale skin, we are very susceptible to burns and I worry about sun exposure leading to skin cancer. I lather on sunscreen, but I'm always looking for ways to provide more protection.

When buying swimsuits in the past, I have bought rash guards because they provide more sun protection. But we have a major issue with fit because both of my kids have huge heads! They've always been in the 90-95th percentile in head size. Last year when buying a rash guard for Grace, I had to buy one 2 sizes too big (a 5T for a 3 year old) so that it would comfortably fit over her head.  If you have kids, you know that when a rash guard gets wet, it's a huge challenge to get off. It's impossible to  remove it without tugging and my kids end up getting upset every time because it's so uncomfortable.

Earlier this year I was watching Shark Tank (I am addicted to this show, I think I have watched every episode!) and I saw the founder of SwimZip, Betsy Johnson, speaking about her company. I was instantly intrigued by their zip up swimsuits. When I heard that the founder was from Kansas (my home state) I knew that I wanted to work with her!

Betsy shared this with me about her company: "I started SwimZip UV swimwear a few years ago when I was diagnosed with skin cancer.  I wanted to make sun protection easier for parents and kids - and not to mention adorable and affordable to everyone!"

She was generous enough to send me a SwimZip swimsuit to try. I had a hard time deciding which suit to pick for Grace, but finally decided on the Ruffle Me Pretty. When it arrived, Grace wanted to put it on right away. Luckily, I had already planned a trip to a local splash park the next day so she got the chance to wear it.

The color of this suit is gorgeous and Grace loves the ruffles! I ordered a 4T which is the size of her normal clothes. It was SO easy to get on and off! It was quick and there was no uncomfortable tugging. I will never buy a pull over rash guard again! An added bonus is that I found it is a little longer than many other brands of rash guards. When she lifts her arms or runs, her belly is still covered. It is very age appropriate and I think she looks adorable in it. The suit is tagless with a no pinch zipper flap that helps keep her comfortable. She loves doing the zipper by herself!

Zip Up Swimsuit for Kids

While the swimsuit is cute and very practical, the most important thing about it for me is that it offers UPF 50+ protection for Grace. I am doing my part to protect her skin from the dangerous rays that cause skin cancer. SwimZip sells sun protective clothes, SPF clothing, sun hats, sun protection swimwear, and
rash guards for kids and adults. 

I love the Honeymoon suit for myself:

and I'm going to be ordering the Prepster for Connor:

To learn more about SwimZip, check out their website here or their social media pages:

Twitter: @swimzip

I will be featuring a giveaway for a SwimZip swimsuit of the winner's choice in my 2k Facebook Fan giveaway that starts in a couple weeks so be sure to come back and enter!

Thanks to SwimZip for sending us a suit for Grace!

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