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ComedyCity: Kansas City's Best Improv Comedy Show Review

Disclosure: We received free tickets to this show at ComedyCity. No other compensation was received and all opinions expressed in this review are honest and 100% my own. 

Mike and I celebrated our six year anniversary this past weekend and for the first time in two years we got the chance to have a kids free weekend. My parents watched the kids while we stayed in a fancy hotel. We went to a movie, a very nice restaurant and a fancy brunch, all places we don't normally go with our young kids. We slept in, watched shows we actually like on TV (no Daniel Tiger!) and ate junk food without having to share! It was blissful.

Our anniversary night was spent at a improv comedy club located in Westport in downtown Kansas City called ComedyCity.

I have always been a huge fan of improv comedy. I loved watching "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" growing up. But high school drama class proved to me (and everyone else in the class) that I'm not very good at improvisation. While I might not be cut out to do improv, Comedy City features many extremely funny people who are masters at thinking on their feet! They put on an hour long show with no script. Everything they do is based on audience participation and suggestions which means that every single show is completely different. When I found their website, I knew that we had to go and I thought it would be a fun way to celebrate our anniversary.

ComedyCity's owner Clay generously offered us tickets to the show and the whole cast was extremely welcoming. We chose to attend the 7:30 Major League Improv show that is family friendly and we had a blast! Major League Improv is a comedy sporting event featuring two teams, the Sharks and the Jets, who play various improv games based on audience suggestions to earn points. The audience has the final say on who wins the games and you might just get heckled if you don't vote (clap) for a certain team. Mike became "that guy who isn't clapping for us" to one of the teams and it became a running joke during the voting sessions. They're not kidding when they say they interact with the audience. It was so much fun to shout out suggestions and watch the players try to come up with some way to use them. For some reason, all of the pictures I took didn't turn out, boo! (I think Connor messed up a setting that I still need to fix!)

Here is a video with more info about the Major League Improv show:

Just like with any improv, some games end up being funnier than others. Our favorite game of the night was one that was based on the home shopping network. One player from each team was supposed to sell us absurd products based on our suggestions. However, those players had no clue what they were supposed to be selling. They had to guess what they were selling based on charades gestures from their teammates. If I remember correctly, two of the items they had to sell were a shark named Bob who ate toilets and a set of headphones made out of spaghetti noodles and twizzlers. As you can imagine, these weren't the easiest things to act out or guess! But the players were amazing and we were cracking up watching the scene play out.

I cannot say enough good things about this show. We had an great time, I honestly don't remember the last time we laughed that hard. This show is truly family friendly. There was not a single inappropriate word or gesture used during the entire performance. Many people brought their kids and I really want to bring some of my nieces and nephews next time. 

If you're looking for more adult themed content, check out ComedyCity's After Dark show. This show is just for the grown ups, no kids allowed! I'm guessing this would be perfect for Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties.

ComedyCity is in the middle of a move to a brand new location. They will not be having any shows the weekends of June 27th & July 4th. Starting on July 11th, they will be doing shows four days a week at 3600 Broadway, Suite 117, Kansas City, MO 64111. 

Show days and times:
Major League Improv (family friendly): Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 7:30 and Sundays at 6:00.
After Dark (adults only): Friday and Saturday at 10:00
ComedyCity's new location
ComedyCity also offers improv classes for adults and camps for kids. Check out their website or Facebook page for more information about their shows and classes.

Mike and I are already planning another date night at ComedyCity. It is now one of my top destinations in Kansas City for a fun family night out!

Thanks to ComedyCity for providing us with tickets to this show. No other compensation was received for this review. 

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