Monday, May 26, 2014

DIY Frame Hair Bow Holder Tutorial

DIY Frame Hair Bow Holder Tutorial

I made this frame bow holder for Grace recently and I absolutely love how it turned out. Before making it, her bows were all in a bin and they always got scattered all over her room. This keeps them organized and it is a fun piece of wall art.

To make it I simply took a plain picture frame from Walmart and removed the glass. I cut 4 pieces of ribbon to the appropriate size and glued each end to the top and bottom of the back of the frame. I cut a piece of purple fabric to match the size of the frame and hot glued it to the back, pulling it tight as I glued. I created 3 loops out of ribbon to use for extra bows or headbands and glued them to the bottom. I think I might add a few hooks at the bottom to use for hair ties and ribbons. I decorated the frame using cutouts of princesses from leftover fabric scraps I had downstairs. This bow holder was made using an 8x10 frame and I might be making a bigger version of it soon because I couldn't fit all of her bows on it!

Grace loves it and I think it's even cuter now that I added a bunch of her new princess bows from Adelaidie's Attic. Unfortunately, the Anna bow disappeared before I could take this picture. I'm pretty sure it's in our van somewhere since she tends to take her bows out while we're driving.

How do you store hair bows and accessories?

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