Monday, May 19, 2014

Connor: 18 months (almost a month late!)

After several weeks full of travelling and spending time in Wichita with my family for my grandmother's funeral, we are back at home and attempting to get back to normal schedules. That means hopefully I'll be able to start blogging regularly again. This post was on my blogging calendar weeks ago.....and now I'm finally getting it written. Connor is definitely plagued with second child syndrome!


You are officially 18 months old. It's insane to me how much faster it goes the second time around. You have become a toddler and are so full of personality!

Here are the things I don't want to forget about this age:

  • You are boy through and through and you rarely stop moving. You love to run and find it endlessly amusing to run away from Mommy. You loves to explore, climb, and throw things. 
  • You have a great arm, you throw balls extremely hard and surprisingly accurately for your age. You've managed to hit Grace (on purpose I'm pretty sure) from across the room multiple times.
  • Despite throwing things at her, you absolutely adore your sister the majority of the time. You wake up before her most mornings and are constantly whining by her door wanting to wake her up. You follow her around and try to do everything that she does. You do fight but overall I think you love having her around.
  • You adore the dogs. You don't care much about other animals, but dogs are a hit. You are constantly chasing them and trying to pet them. You call them "Gogs." 
  • You have so many words that I can't even count them. You have always been very verbal and you repeat most any word we say to you. You also have several phrases that you use constantly including "here you go" and "night night." You've recently learned some body parts and can identify your nose, hair, toes, and belly button. We're working on animal sounds and you definitely know that a monkey says "ooh ooh ah ah" and that a dog says "woof." 
  • You love books most of the time. They have to be short because you never sit still for long. 
Waiting for his pediatrician appointment. They did this all on their own so I had to take a picture. It lasted for about a minute
  • You love pushing things around. Whether it's the vacuum, a shovel, or the popper toy you push them around with a huge smile on your face.

  • Your favorite toy is the train set. It's the only toy you'll sit still for for long and you enjoy putting the track together and taking it apart again. You are starting to figure out how to connect the engines and cars together and you get easily frustrated when they come apart.
  • You didn't show any interest in TV until about 3 months ago when you suddenly decided that you are obsessed with Toy Story. All day long I hear "EEE?" which is your word for Woody. You love anything related to Woody and Buzz and think it's about the greatest thing ever when I dress you in a Woody or Buzz shirt. Mommy might be starting to pin some Toy Story birthday parties on Pinterest!

  •  Your eyes are definitely brown now. Your hair still grows at an amazingly fast rate and we tend to get it cut once every 5 weeks or so. We honestly can't go anywhere without getting comments on how cute you are. You are a total flirt and smile and giggle at anyone who will look at you.
  • You are generally a great sleeper. You lay down awake and go to sleep without any problems. You've dealt with several rounds of a nasty stomach bug the last couple of months which has affected your sleep some but you're a trooper and tend to bounce right back.
You fell asleep on Mommy's feet
  • You are a big, strong boy. You are always above average in height and weighed in at 26 lbs at your last pediatrician appointment. 
  • You love to eat but you are starting to get into the toddler eating phase were you'll eat almost nothing for several days and then eat everything in sight the next. Your favorite foods are chicken nuggets, blueberry muffins, and bananas. You would eat an entire bunch of bananas in one day if I let you! 
  • You aren't much of a cuddler (that would require stopping for 2 seconds) but occasionally you will stop, give me a big hug and kiss and then run away. Those are my favorite moments with you!
  • You are still nursing at least a couple of times a day. I'm not sure that's going to last much longer since you don't seem too interested anymore. I thought I would be more upset about stopping, but I'm pretty convinced it's time. 
  • Your favorite activities include throwing things down our stairs, dumping any and all containers full of stuff, playing with the trash can, climbing on the coffee table, and throwing toys. You are obviously working on giving mommy another heart attack! Mommy rarely gets to sit down for more than a few seconds while you are awake.
Caught in the act! You dumped half a box of Rice Krispies on the floor.
  • When I have told you no to the above mentioned favorite activities, you have started throwing some impressive tantrums. You are realizing quickly that they don't get you anywhere and so they rarely last long.
  • You ADORE your daddy. You have an amazing bond with him and I love watching the two of you together. It's so funny to see you try to imitate him and I am excited to see that bond develop in the future.
So proud of yourself playing games like Daddy.
We love you sweet boy. I honestly don't remember what life was like before you arrived and I'm trying to appreciate every moment of your quickly fading baby status. 



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