Friday, May 30, 2014

Bye Bye Pacifier

Grace never took a pacifier (she chose to suck on my finger for comfort instead, gross right??) so I never had to deal with taking it away. Connor however has grown to love his precious "guk," as he calls it, in his short 19 months. I have no idea why he calls it that, but we learned fairly early on that he was asking for his pacifier when he said guk.

Over the past few months, he was only using it at bedtime and nap time for comfort. Most of the time he didn't seem to be too upset if he didn't have it. I actually preferred that he had it in during the day simply because it kept him from putting stuff in his mouth. But despite that benefit, we've decided that it's probably time for guk to disappear. We don't want him growing even more attached to it and it turning into a huge ordeal to take it away when he's older.

I have very few pictures of him without his pacifier in.

We decided to take it away last week. Amazingly, it has been easier than I expected. He has asked for it several times but I have been able to distract him with toys or a snack without much issue. He does have several that we've misplaced in the house and I found him with one in his mouth yesterday, I have no idea where he found it!

I'm very glad that guk is gone, it's so nice to be able to see his face in pictures now!

If your child had a pacifier, when did you take it away?


  1. My son is 2 1/2 and still uses a pacifier for sleeping. It stays in his bed until nap or bedtime. We've talked about taking it away, but since it's literally only nap/bedtime, I've put it off. I'm not sure how he'd sleep without it. When he's lost it at night and can't find it, he doesn't just roll over and go to sleep, he makes sure to wake us up to help him. He's definitely attached! Maybe, now that he's comprehending a lot more we can have a conversation about it going away?

    1. I should note, he's chewed through many of them so they are slowly being thrown away!

    2. Good luck Suzanne! It's still going well here but I think we caught it before he got too attached. Grace didn't stop sucking on my finger until she was almost 2 and I remember that being a lot harder. We had to emphasize over and over that she was a big girl, but it wasn't easy!



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