Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Toddler Fun Tuesdays: Easter Coffee Filter Suncatchers

Grace would do crafts all day if I let her. So I spent some time yesterday searching for more Easter activities (the cotton ball Easter bunny was a hit!) I found a fun sun catcher craft that I thought would be worth a try since it involves coloring with markers, one of Grace's favorite things to do recently. 

Easter Suncatchers: Easy Toddler Craft with Coffee Filters


Coffee Filters
Washable Markers
Cookie Cutters (optional)
Spray bottle or Dropper

Lay the coffee filter as flat as possible and let your toddler use washable markers to color all over it. If your toddler is anything like mine, they will get marker all over themselves.

Try to encourage them to cover as much of the white space as possible. Lighter colors work better than darker colors for this craft. For some reason, Grace decided she loved blue and purple yesterday so most of her sun catchers turned out pretty dark. 

Next, lay your filters out on a trash bag or plastic bag. Let your toddler use the spray bottle or dropper to spritz water onto the filters. The first time we tried this, I let Grace spray as much as she wanted. That was a mistake! 

She loved it but the filters were basically sitting in a puddle of water. It took forever to dry and all of the colors washed out leaving very muted colors. We wanted bright, colorful sun catchers so we decided to try again. The second time, I helped her spray and they turned out a ton better. Be light with the water! It doesn't take very much to get the colors to run.

Let them dry. Ours only took about 10 minutes to get completely dry. 

I used Easter shaped cookie cutters to trace shapes onto the filters. You could also draw shapes by hand. I cut out our shapes and taped them to the window.

They make a beautiful window decoration and Grace is so proud of them. Every time we drive by she tells us to look for the eggs and bunnies! 

Have you been doing any Easter crafts? Check out other great activities for your toddler here!

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