Thursday, April 10, 2014

Grace's 3 Year Portraits

I'm only 3 months late in sharing these pictures! We had Grace's 3 year pictures taken at the end of January and I've been meaning to post them ever since. We actually did 2 photo sessions for her. I had a Groupon for JCP portraits that was about to expire so I took her in with pretty low expectations. She was being grumpy that day and I had to take Connor with me so my attention was divided. I put him in the Ergo on my back and prayed that they would both cooperate.

I decided to bring Grace's porcelain tea set and her babies thinking a little tea party might make the perfect setup for some fun photos. The beginning of the session was rocky to say the least. It didn't help that as we were walking into the building, Grace fell and tore a huge hole in the knee of her tights. Of course I didn't have an extra pair and she REFUSED to take them off. I figured it wasn't worth the fight and I could always photoshop it if I needed to. The photographer was fabulous and waited very patiently while I attempted to calm her down. It has always taken Grace a while to warm up to new places and people and it took about 10 minutes (plus a bribe of candy) to get her to cooperate. We set up her tea party and after a few minutes of me playing with her babies, she finally decided that she wanted to play. The photographer got some adorable pictures and you can't even tell that I was sitting right behind her the entire time. If I moved, she started to freak out.

Despite the rocky start, she seemed to be having fun so I got brave and decided to change her into her ballet outfit from her birthday party. She started to lose it again and after another candy bribe, she went into the studio and acted like a true 3 year old. She refused to eat the Smarties, she just held them in her hands, you can see one in the picture on the top left. When the photographer asked her to stand on the light on the ground, she would put one foot on the light and the other foot as far away as possible. Those cute "poses" on the bottom right? That's her doing that. Thankfully they turned into cute photos. We tried to get her to spin but she absolutely refused and I decided that was enough. Thankfully Connor was calm until about the last 10 minutes when he discovered that the back carry allowed him full access to pull my hair. I'm sure we were quite the sight: Grace trying as hard as possible not to follow instructions, me trying to reason with her while trying my hardest to keep my hair out of Connor's hands while he gleefully pulled as hard as he could! 

The second session I won from a local photographer (Photography by Beth) and I was so excited that the weather warmed up enough for us to do the session outside. Like I said, it takes Grace a long time to get comfortable with new people and places but she loves being outside. I didn't expect it to be so windy but we decided to do them outside anyway!

No surprise that at the beginning Grace was wary of Beth. She didn't want to smile at first, but after several minutes of letting her run around like a crazy child, she started to perk up. Beth got some amazing shots and I am so pleased with them. There were so many great ones that I had a hard time narrowing them down so be warned, there are a lot!

We started with family pictures. It was so windy that our hair was crazy, but I still love this one!

She looks so grown up here ::tear::

Pretty girl

I have no idea what she is doing here but I love her face!

Daddy and daughter picture!

Beth was so patient with Grace. To help her get comfortable, she let Grace chase her all over the place. Occasionally she would turn around and say "stop!" and she would snap a picture. This is one of those. They were both out of breath!

I always try to get sibling pictures whenever I can. When I asked Grace to give Connor a hug, this is what happened. They really do love each other :)

Connor was a bit jealous of all of the attention Grace was getting and posed nicely for this picture. Seriously how adorable is he?!? He is such a clone of his daddy.

This is by far my favorite series of photos from the session. Grace was having the best time exploring and did all of this posing on her own. Beth just stood back and snapped pics while Grace explored.

I cannot believe how big she looks!

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