Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Easter Egg Wreath

Easter is only 4 days away so I decided to get one last Easter crafting session in with Grace this morning. I found this adorable wreath at Mama, Mommy, Mom and decided to use it as our inspiration. I didn't have as many plastic eggs as she used but I figured we could just make a smaller version. I'm really pleased with how it turned out and I was happily surprised by how much Grace enjoyed making it. As an added bonus, it gave me a chance to work with her on colors and patterns.

Easter Egg Wreath: Crafts for Kids


Plastic Easter Eggs- We used 24. You can use more or less depending on how big you want your wreath to be. Make sure to get eggs that have small holes in the top and bottom (I got mine at Dollar Tree and Walmart for a $1 a package!)

Floral Wire- I used shorter pieces and simply twisted them together for longer strings

Thread your eggs onto the floral wire in whatever pattern you want. Grace helped me with this step and I was impressed by how well she was able to do it.

Make sure to bend the end of your wire so the eggs stay on while you're threading the rest.

We did two strings of 12 eggs each. I created two different patterns so that Grace could help identify which color should come next in the pattern. Today was the first time she identified purple and green correctly so it was a pretty good day!

Lay the strings side by side and twist the floral wire on one end so that it is secure. Start gently twisting your egg strings together until you get your desired look. Don't twist too tightly or the eggs will start to break apart! Bring the ends together and twist the floral wire to complete the circle.

Trim the ends of the wire and tie a pretty bow at the top to help cover your wire connection point. Use a nail or add more ribbon to hang your festive wreath!

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