Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Toddler Activities: Color Matching Game

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Tissue Paper Color Matching Game

I am always looking for new games and activities to do with Grace. I created this game recently to help her work on her colors. She is a little behind in her speech, so I try to take any opportunity I can to get her to talk. But, if I try to get her to name colors in a book or when we are out and about, she has no interest and says "NO MOM!" I thought a game might make learning colors more fun for her. 

I filled small ziploc bags with about 1/4 cup of uncooked rice and then wrapped them with tissue paper. I put rubber bands around the top to create little "gifts" as we call them. I cut circles out of the same colors of tissue paper and glued them on to the back of paper plates.

I set up the game and told Grace we were going to match the colors. At first I just had her match the gifts to the circles. That kept her entertained for a couple of minutes. Then I had her start saying the names of the colors as she matched them. She happily repeated the color names after me for a while.

The next step was to have me tell her the name of the color to see if she could pick out the corresponding gift. Honestly, it took a while for her to be able to do this. I discovered that if I gave her an example of the color, it worked better. Like if I said "Get the green one, green like grass" or "red like a ladybug" she did a lot better than if I just said "get the green one." 

She learns much differently than I do so it's been a process for me to figure out the best way to teach her. Thankfully this seems to be working well for us! It's been a great way to get her to recognize colors and she LOVES playing it. I try to only get it out once a day to keep it as a special game. I've noticed a huge difference in just a couple of weeks. She is really fast with it now and often requests to play "colors!" 

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