Monday, March 17, 2014

Door to Door Organics Review

Disclosure: I received a gift card from Door to Door Organics to facilitate this review. All opinions are honest and 100% my own.

In my mission to prepare healthier meals for my family, I've been working very hard to focus on buying great quality produce for both snacks and meals. A huge amount of our grocery budget goes to produce and I know that I, like many other people, am concerned about all of the chemicals going into our foods. I try to buy organic when I can, but the cost adds up fast. Recently, I heard about a service in Kansas City called Door to Door Organics that partners with farmers and delivers organic produce right to your door. I was so excited to try it!

Door to Door Organics started in 2004. Their mission is:
To establish access to nutritious food to every resident of Kansas City and beyond. We are working to expand the market for agriculture that enriches the earth and all of us. We enable people to enjoy healthy lifestyles and great-tasting organic produce.

While they offer both subscription boxes and and a shop full of pantry items, produce, and meat, we decided to try a couple of their subscription boxes.

Our first box was the Small Mixed Fruits & Veggies box.
In our box we received:
Yellow Onion
Red Tomato
Red Bell Pepper
Green Leaf Lettuce
Broccoli1 (bunch)
Pink Lady Apples
Navel Orange
Kiwi Fruit
The main thing I LOVE about Door to Door Organics is that they allow you to customize your box before it arrives. We receive an email several days before our scheduled delivery telling us what will be in the box. We have the ability to replace up to 5 items. For example, we don't like eggplant in our house so chose to receive additional tomatoes instead.

The box was well packaged and full of deliciousness (is that a word? If it's not I'm making it one!) The kids each wanted a banana right away and we were able to use almost all of the produce that week. We were very impressed with the quality of everything. I even found a Valentine's treat in the box that made me smile!

You can't go wrong with chocolate!
For our next box, we decided to try a bitti box. We went with the all fruit version as our kids devour fruit at an amazing rate!

In this box, we received:
Valencia Oranges
Rio Star Grapefruit, small
Gala Apples, small
Blood Oranges
Bartlett Pears
I have to admit that I forgot to customize this box because we were all ill in our house. But we were still happy with our selections. Again, everything was delicious.

Overall, I am very pleased with the Door to Door Organics service. My only hesitation is the price. The boxes range from $26.13 for a bitti box to $55.66 for a large box. It is a bit pricey for our budget at the moment but I appreciate that you are able to choose between weekly or bi-weekly delivery and it is easy to skip a delivery or cancel your service when needed. I hope that we are able to continue our deliveries as I love having this much organic produce around our house.

Are you ready to order from Door to Door Organics? Enter the code Moments to receive $10 off your first order! Check out their Facebook and Twitter pages for more information.

Disclosure: I received a gift card from Door to Door Organics to facilitate this review. All opinions are honest and 100% my own.

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