Friday, February 21, 2014

The Terrible Threes?

I had heard that the age of three is worse than two and I'm pretty sure that is completely correct. Grace is delightful, sometimes. Other times she has an attitude that would scare a teenage girl. From the moment she wakes up to the moment she goes to bed she's trying to fight us about something or other. From choosing her clothes in the morning to trying to get her to eat, everything is a challenge.

I am grateful that she's learning to be independent in some ways. She can dress and undress herself, go potty by herself, and get basic snacks from the pantry. But along with that new found independence comes this phrase "Grace do it!" I swear if I never heard that again, I'd be perfectly happy; but alas, I'm sure I will hear it within about 2 minutes of her waking up in the morning. I hear it constantly.  Try to help her get her shoes on? "Grace do it!" Try to help her sit on the potty? "No mama, go away. Grace do it!"

Her new found independence has led to her desire to change her clothes literally at least 10 times a day. While I'm busy with Connor she will sneak into her room and 5 minutes later will come out in a completely different outfit. Sometime she announces it to me "look mama, new clothes!" Other times she will try to sneak it past me, hoping I won't notice after I have told her time and time again to leave the clothes on that we put on that morning. I guess she thinks that I don't enough laundry to do! Oh and each time she changes, she adds a new hair accessory and shoes. Her closet is constantly a wreck because of her digging through it to find her latest ensemble. She has now taken it upon herself to pick my clothes for me as well. This day she was being nice and giving me a choice between two shirts. When I told her I needed something long sleeved, she said with authority "No mama, this one or this one!"

Recently, she has decided that she is now Connor's caretaker and boss. Overall it's adorable and hilarious, but he's not always thrilled about her "instructions." While I was doing laundry today, I poked my head out to find her checking the back of his diaper. She pulled it back, made a face, and told me that he pooped. I'd never seen her check like that before but she obviously knew what to do! Later, she lined up their two chairs, told him to sit down and instructed him to hold her hands. He wasn't thrilled but did what he was told.

I don't know exactly what he intention was but she was content with this. It lasted for a few seconds before he pulled away screaming. She tried to convince him to do it again, but he wouldn't do it. After a couple minutes of this, I told them to pick up the train pieces that you can see thrown all over the living room. In true 3 year old form, I saw Grace go pick up the bin and say to Connor "pick up trains Onnor (her name for him.) In here, pick up!" She showed him how to put one piece in and proceeded to hold the bin while he picked the pieces up. I didn't let that fly and made her pick up as well, which she was not thrilled about.

She's so full of personality and I'm always amazed to see what she's going to do next. She's actually having a speech evaluation done next week because she's still not talking a ton so I'll update when I know more about that. Having a 3 year old is definitely challenging, I'm not looking forward to her teenage years!!

What was the hardest age for your kids?

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