Thursday, February 13, 2014

The moments you never dream of....

When I dreamt of getting pregnant, I never ever thought about the less dignified moments of motherhood....

I imagined sweet baby cuddles, the major milestones, wonderful days at the park and zoo with happy children. Not that those things don't happen, they do and they are amazing. But my reality isn't always so idyllic.

I had an experience today that I just had to share. It was horrifying and embarrassing so of course I have to post it for all of the world to read!

Starting off, I have to say that I hate public restrooms. I think they're gross and avoid them at all costs. But when you have a child that is recently potty trained and they say they need to go, you go. We were in a large medical offices building heading to the kids' dentist appointments and Grace yelled "potty mama!" So off we went. She did her business and I decided I needed to go too. So I made both kids stand next to each other in the tiny stall while I sat down. Without missing a beat, Grace yelled "Mommy potty? Need to poop mom? Go poop!" There were at least 4 other women in the restroom and I swear I heard giggles from the other stalls. As I quickly told her to shush she continued with "good job mom, go potty, high fives!" I was horrified at this point. While I was trying to get Grace quiet, Connor decided that he would try to crawl under the divider to visit the woman in the next stall. He got his head under and she laughed and said hello. Yeah. So I pulled him back and he giggled hysterically. I am beyond embarrassed at this point but we have to leave the stall eventually. Thankfully the women washing their hands just smiled at me sympathetically but I'm sure my face was bright red. We hurriedly washed hands and escaped my torture chamber.

So kids, when you are teenagers and I embarrass you, I will remind you of this day. You earned every ounce of embarrassment!

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