Monday, February 24, 2014

Must Read Monday: Books for a Toddler Boy

Connor is a tough sell on books these days. He likes them, for very short periods of time. I call him destructo man because he is extremely talented at ripping them up and as a former librarian, it pains me to see spines broken and pages ripped. But we keep trying and there are a few certain titles that I know will hold his attention for at least a couple of minutes. 

1. Blow It Up!- This is a favorite for both of my kids. It's a board book with lots of sliders that allow the kids to blow up buildings. They think it's hilarious! I love it because the pages are thick and the pull out features are very sturdy. Connor hasn't been able to rip them (despite his best efforts!) I'm hoping we can add a few more of this destruction series to our collection soon!

2. That's Not My Train- My kids and I both love the entire That's Not My (Touchy Feely) series from Usborne books. The board books are short enough to keep Connor's attention and each page features colorful illustrations with special textured features to encourage the child to touch and explore the page. I bought Connor this book for his birthday and it is by far his favorite.

3. Trucks (Bright Baby)- This book is perfect for Connor right now. With bright pictures and the name of the truck on each page, it's a great book for him to flip through by himself. This is the book he's reading in the picture above. 

4. From Head to Toe- We were introduced to this book by our Parents as Teachers instructor and Connor quickly became attached to it. If he's bringing you a book, it's probably this one. It's a great introduction to animals and body parts for him. He loves watching me do the actions and he's really starting to try to do them with me. 

5. I Love Colors- Any book with baby faces is popular with him right now. This one is short and sweet. 

The key to books for toddler is to keep them short! We read the same books over and over, but I am thrilled anytime he'll sit still for an entire short book.

What are your toddler's favorite books? 

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