Friday, January 31, 2014

Valentine's Day Crafts for Toddlers

I'm thrilled that Grace is now getting to an age where she can really enjoy doing crafts with me. She gets so excited when she sees me start to pull out the supplies. She had so much fun with our Christmas crafts recently that yesterday I decided it was time to start crafting for Valentine's Day!

Valentine's gifts for grandparents

We made two crafts during Connor's naptime.

The first was a heart suncatcher made with contact paper and tissue paper. I ordered a huge roll of contact paper recently on Amazon and I love it! It's mess free and easy to use. I cut out 2 hearts from the contact paper. I gave Grace one and let her stick a bunch of different shades of tissue paper squares on to it.

Once she had covered the entire thing, we added some red star stickers and some pink glitter. I sealed it by placing the other piece of contact paper over it. For decoration, I cut two hearts from construction paper to add as a pretty border. Grace wasn't wanting to take pictures during this, in fact she was yelling "NO CHEESE MAMA!" But I managed to get her to hold up the finished heart at the end.

I hung it in our window and it makes a very pretty decoration! Grace loves seeing her craft displayed and she shows it to everyone who comes into the house.
Heart craft for toddlers

I had promised her several days ago that I would let her paint soon and finally decided I was brave enough to let her do it. Paint is always a messy ordeal in our house so I try to limit it.

We painted red hearts using a toilet paper roll. Simply bend the toilet paper roll into the shape of a heart and tape it in place. Grace loved dipping the roll into the paint and seeing her hearts on the paper. I use Crayola finger paint because it comes off of skin and clothing easily!

Towards the end she decided she was done with the roll and wanted to use her hands (as you can see on the heart on the right!) Once she decided she was done, we let the paint dry and then cut out hearts from the paper. I apologize to Grace's grandmas, you've seen your Valentine's Day cards now!!

Toddler Heart Craft

Are you making Valentine's Day crafts this year? I'd love to see them!

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