Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The dreaded weight loss post: No more excuses!

I always skip these posts on other blogs. I don't know why, may be they make me feel guilty for not really taking care of myself? Because honestly, I haven't been. After two pregnancies, major health problems, and most recently, 15 months of breastfeeding, I am actually at my lowest weight in about 4 years. I should be happy with that right? Well, actually I still have about 25 lbs I want to lose to get down to a healthy weight. Every pound shows when you are 5'2!

It's not just about the weight though. If you're a mom, you know what a pregnancy does to your body. I have rolls in places I never thought rolls could be. My tummy, once flat, is now squishy with the dreaded flabby overlap over my c-section scar. I know my body will never look like it did pre-pregnancy and I'm ok with that (these stretch marks aren't going anywhere!) But I want to tone. I want to get healthy.

We have been eating a lot better at home so I know that I need to start working out to really make progress. It's hard since Grace doesn't nap and she always wants to "help" me exercise. Having her climb on me while I'm trying to do stuff on the floor or mess with my legs while I'm trying to jog in place makes it....interesting. I need to do it after the kids go to bed. Of course, I'm always tired or I find other things that I have to get done in the evenings, so I rarely make time to work out. But this is it, no more excuses! I'm going to start doing it at least 4 nights a week. Mike and I are going to have a weekend away for our anniversary in June and I'm really hoping to have made some good progress by then!

What is your favorite kind of work out? Do you have a favorite series of workout videos? Please share, I generally hate exercising and I need to find some fun new work outs to keep me going!!

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