Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Grace's birthday fun

This was the first year that Grace actually cared about what we did on her birthday. Her only request was that we go to the train restaurant (Fritz's at Crown Center.) We happily obliged and she was so excited to see the trains!
Watching the train deliver someones food.
When we asked her what she wanted to eat, the only thing she wanted was ice cream. So after begging her to take a few bites of grilled cheese, we let her have her free birthday ice cream sundae. She was beyond thrilled and ate an amazing amount of it.
Connor wanted to be in the picture too
She was so excited that daddy joined us for lunch after working a half day.
We told her we had a surprise for after lunch. We drove out to Shawnee, KS to visit Wonderscope, a children's museum. We'd never been before and I had heard good things about it. So when a Groupon came up a couple of weeks ago, I figured it would make a great birthday outing. Sure enough, the kids loved it. Because it was a Tuesday, we basically had the entire museum to ourselves. There are many different rooms to explore.

The Market Room: What kid doesn't love pushing a shopping cart around?
The building and gears room:

The Vet and Baby Nursery Room: This was by far Grace's favorite room and the one she requested to go back to on the way out. We're pretty sure she's going to be in the medical field when she grows up!
Checking the kitty's ears
Checking the baby's chart in the baby nursery
Weighing her baby and listening to her heartbeat
She picked a truck book to read to the baby, Connor wanted to listen to but she told him no.
The little kid's room: This was made for crawlers and early walkers but Grace loved it too. Lots of windows to look through and fun paths to walk in.

The Water Room: This was Connor's favorite room and Grace loved it too. They provided smocks and Grace stayed pretty dry. Connor was SOAKED by the end.

We had to basically drag Grace out of the museum. She loved every minute of it and I'm sure we'll be visiting again. After a nice nap in the car, both kids were ready to play all evening. Towards the end of the night I found Grace sitting quietly in the playroom reading a book wearing her favorite Cinderella dress up dress. She looks so big and mature here, where did my baby go?

She told me at bedtime that she had a fun day and wanted to do it again. Sure enough the next morning she woke up and said we needed to go get daddy to eat at the train restaurant. We had to have a talk about birthdays only being once a year!!

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