Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Santa Question

The holidays are in full swing at our house. During a recent trip to Hobby Lobby, Grace was excitedly looking at all of the Christmas decorations when she pointed at a Santa Clause figuring and asked "Who is that?" I told her it was Santa, she said OK and we moved on. Now every time she sees him, she yells "TA!" I haven't really told her any more about him, because honestly I wasn't planning on doing Santa in our house.

I didn't grow up believing in him, so the idea seems weird to me. I know some people believe that I'm probably ruining the magic of Christmas for my kids by not doing it, but I never felt robbed of any Chirstmas spirit growing up. When she gets old enough to start really asking questions about him, we will talk about the real meaning of Christmas, Jesus' birth, and about St. Nicholas. She already loves the VeggieTales version of St. Nicholas so it won't be hard to add in more details. But trying to make her believe in the north pole, flying reindeer, and a fat man that comes down the chimney to bring presents? I just don't really get the point. We will talk to her about not ruining it for other kids though. I don't want her to be THAT kid!

But this year, she's excited by Santa, so we decided to go take her to see him and see if she would sit in his lap. She was so thrilled to get to wear her pretty Christmas dress and go meet him.

Sorry for the picture of a picture. While she may not have been smiling at that moment, her face lit up when she saw him and she ran over and let him lift her on to his lap. I couldn't believe it. When she gets really excited, she starts concentrating and she ends up looking really serious. This picture shows one of those times. She hasn't stopped talking about sitting on "Ta's lap" since. Connor obviously didn't have much fun, but that didn't surprise me at all.

We'll see how the Santa thing goes next year. For now, I'm just enjoying watching her eyes light up whenever she sees anything related to Christmas.

Do you do Santa with your kids? Why or why not?

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  1. No Santa here either. My toddler knows of Santa, but thinks he is just a character much like any other he sees on tv or in books. We have many reasons for choosing to forego Santa in our home. One of the big things is that we want to focus on faith and family and less on the commercialized spectical that Santa & the holiday has become. Another is that we want to teach our children that someone, be it myself or my husband, or anyone else, had to work hard to provide them with the things they need as well as some of the things they want. No one just appears to give you everything because you were good or bad or whatever. That is not how life works and there are many, many kids who don't get a Christmas gift and worse yet have no family to celebrate with. I could go on, but I just do what I feel is right for my family and teach my kids to be understanding and accepting of others and their beliefs the way we ask that they accept ours.



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