Thursday, December 5, 2013

Cotton Ball Snowman Craft

After seeing the movie Frozen last week, Grace is now obsessed with snowmen. When we woke up this morning and daddy told her that there was a little bit of snow outside, she exactly ran to the door yelling "SNOWMAN!!" We had to explain to her that the light dusting of snow was not enough to build a snowman, and she spent several minutes pouting. So after daddy went to work, I turned to Pinterest to find a fun toddler friendly snowman activity. I found one and we set to work.

Snowman craft

I drew the basic snowman shape onto a piece of paper, covered the shape in glue and let her go at it with cotton balls.

Then we made the snowman's accessories. She helped me cut out a hat, arms, mittens, eyes, a nose, and a smile. She picked out puffs for buttons and got to help glue everything on.

It's a simple, cute, quick project. She is so proud of it and it is now in the spot of honor on the fridge.
My phone did this feature somehow and it made me smile so I had to share!

Do you have any fun toddler crafts for Christmas? Please share any ideas you have! I'd love to try some new ones in the next couple of weeks.

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